Modern Warfare 2 is here and you probably want to have the optimal settings when jumping into the game. One of the most important settings in Call Of Duty is your field of view.

For years, Field of View was only a setting available on PC due to console constraints. However, this year we can adjust our field of view on PC, Playstation and Xbox. Let’s take a look at how to change your Field Of View and what the best Field of View is.

What Is Field Of View

Field Of View defines the height and width of your in-game view. The higher your field of view the more you can see around you, giving you more awareness of your surroundings and allowing you to see enemies faster.

However, having a high field of view makes your targets smaller, making them harder to hit. You need to find the right balance for yourself.

How to Change Field Of View In Modern Warfare 2

To change your FoV in MW2 follow the steps below:

  1. Open the MW2 settings menu
  2. Open the Graphics Tab
  3. Scroll down to the Field of View Slider in the View section
  4. Set your FOV to your desired number

You have now successfully adjusted your FOV.

What Is The Best FOV In Modern Warfare 2

Your Field of View is a personal preference but most skilled Call of Duty players will play on a high Field of view. The best FOV is around 100 to 120. Below you can see a visual comparison of different FOV levels.

As you can see at 60 FOV you can barely see any of the alleyway in front of you. As you move to 120 FOV you can see a massive stretch of that same alleyway. If someone jumps over the wall to the left, you may not see them at 60 FOV but you will at 120.

If you are new to the game and FPS games in general you may want to keep your Field of View on the lower end, around 80. This will allow you to have bigger visual targets on screen to aim at.

As your skill increases, you will want to bump your FOV to between 100 and 120 allowing you to see more of the map around you. This will give you a lot more information during a match, allowing you to spot enemies that you previously may not have seen before.

You may also find that a higher FOV makes it feel like you are running much faster. It makes the game feel so much more fast paced. While this is just a visual illusion it’s hard to go back to 60 FOV after playing at 120.

Does Console Have A Field Of View Option In Modern Warfare 2

Yes, consoles now have a field-of-view slider in Modern Warfare 2. This means that players on Xbox and Playstation will now be able to run Fields of Views up to 120. This is a huge change as console players were extremely disadvantaged playing against PC players in previous years.

Console players are now on a more balanced playing field with the addition of this feature.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how to change your FOV in MW2. If you want the best possible balance between field of view and target size, set your FOV somewhere between 100 and 120. However, your field of view is a personal preference and you may feel more comfortable with a lower setting.

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