One of the great things about Discord is that you can change the color of your name to make yourself stand out from the crowd. This is a great way to show your support for a team or just to add some personality to your chat. This attribute brightens up a server by assigning different colors to usernames, but that’s not all there is to it. 

For many server admins and even general users, the name color feature on Discord has so much to explore. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to change the color of your name on Discord.

Can You Change the Color of Your Name in Discord?

The short answer is Yes. Discord name colors are brilliant, but you can’t change them as directly as you wish. These name colors work very differently from other profile settings you may have because they aren’t just random colors. Name colors are there to indicate your role in a particular server.

In Discord terms, a role is a set of permissions that server admins create, name and assign. For instance, Discord assigns every user a default role by the name @everyone. This role gives you basic permissions like typing and reading messages on a Server. 

To answer the question, therefore, only Server admins, or users who have been given special permissions, can change the color of a name in Discord.

How to Change the Color of Your Role on Discord

If you want to change the color of your role on Discord, there are a few simple steps that you can take. Since name colors are linked to roles, you can either directly change the color of your current role, or create a new role, give it a color you like and then change your role to the current one. Let’s look at how you can directly change the color of your role.

  1. First open your Discord Server.
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow next to your Server’s name and select Server Settings.
  1. On the left pane, select Roles.
  1. A new tab will appear with a list of existing roles; select the role whose color you want to change.
  1. On the Edit Role tab that opens, you will see Role Name, and Role Color just below it.
  1. Choose the role color you want and click on Save Changes at the bottom. 

How to Change Your Role

There are a few reasons why you might want to change your name color in Discord. Maybe you want to be able to easily identify yourself in chat, or maybe you want your name to stand out from the rest of the text in the channel. This change will often involve creating your desired role and abandoning your current role for the one you intend to take up. No matter what your reason is, changing your name color in Discord is a quick and easy process. Here’s a step-to-step guide on how to change your role.

  1. Open your Server and click the Drop-down icon next to your Server name to create a new role.
  2. On the drop-down menu, choose Server Settings then select Roles
  3. Click on the Create Role button.
  1. Assign a Role Name and Role Color to your new role.
  2. Select the Permissions you want this new role to have.
  1. Assign the role to the member who wants it and Save Changes.
  2. Click on Roles again to get a list of all your server roles.
  3. Select the role that you will abandon.
  4. Navigate to the Manage Members tab, and remove the member who wants to abandon this role.

These steps apply for both mobile and desktop apps, so the results are the same on whichever device you opt to use.

What Permissions Do You Need in a Server to Edit Roles?

Discord has a total of 31 permissions. These permissions are grouped into General Server Permissions, Membership Permissions, Text Channel Permissions, Voice Channel Permissions, and Advanced Permissions.

You will typically need Administrator permission under the Advanced Permissions category to edit roles in a server. Administrator permission allows you to have all permissions and bypass any channel-specific restrictions like accessing private channels on a particular server.

You can also create, revise, or delete roles that are lower than your own if you have the Manage Roles permission under General Server Permissions.

How to Create a Ranking System Based on Color Roles

To spice things up on your Server, you can opt to change your users’ ranks based on their participation. This will require you to develop a ranking system that moves a user from a lower color role to a higher one, and you can achieve all this with the help of a bot.

Most bots like Amari Bot and Atlas Bot will rank using experience points(EXPs). To gain more points, users have to send more messages, spend more time on voice chats, or participate as required for any other metric that you will customize on the bot. Overall, ranking can make your Server highly engaging and help you reward active users without spending a dime.

How to Give Twitch Subscribers a Different Color Name on Discord

Although Discord has multiple use cases, it started as a platform for gamers to connect, and this is one of its most popular uses to date. It, therefore, makes sense for you to redirect your Twitch subs here. Not only can you have them connect, but you can also use these steps to give them a Twitch Sub role on your Server.

  1. To bring Twitch subs to Discord, go to User Settings next to your Discord icon at the bottom left side of the page, click Connections, select Twitch and sync it with Discord. 
  1. Open your Server, and click Server Settings under the Drop-down icon.
  1. Select Integrations on the sidebar. 
  1. Click the Twitch option and link it to the Server.   

Completing these steps auto-creates a new role for Twitch subs. You can go to Roles to make any permission adjustments.

If I have Multiple Roles In A Server, What Color Will I Get?

Discord role colors are hierarchical. This means you get the color given to your highest role. All other colors below this role assume the same permissions and color that it comes with.

How Do I Change the Hierarchy of a Role?

To change a role’s hierarchy, you only need to drag and drop one role over another on the role list. The role list is what you see on the left side of the edit role tab once you get to step 5 of  “How To Change The Color Of Your Role On Discord” section above.

Can I Customize the Colors I Assign to a Name on Discord?

You can easily customize colors for different roles on Discord. All you have to do is follow the steps given above for “How To Change The Color Of Your Role On Discord” and choose a custom color as your role color.

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Wrapping Up

Discord is fantastic, and not just because it gives you a fun virtual chill-out space but also because it has features like name colors that allow you to get creative in the process. If you’ve tried out this feature, let us in on your experience, and if you have any questions , drop them in the comment section. 

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