Elden Ring is one of the biggest games this 2022. It had over 950,000 concurrent users at its peak and it is still averaging more than 30,000 players today. However, Steam users are frustrated with the controller button prompts when playing.

Now, a lot of players are wondering how to change the controller button prompts to mouse and keyboard in Elden Ring. Fortunately, it has a very simple fix. All you have to do is follow the steps in this article.

Why do people want to change their controller button prompts?

Elden Ring has been praised widely by reviewers and the number of active players is a testament to how great it is doing right now. But a lot of people are complaining regarding the controller button prompts despite playing on PC.

If you are playing Elden Ring on Steam then you might be using a Mouse and Keyboard. However, there are instances where the screen would prompt you to press a Controller button instead of a keyboard.

This is evident in the first part of the game where the “NEW – The Ring” screen shows up. The game will tell you to press Y or Triangle on your controller even if you are playing on your keyboard.

The Triangle or Y button is the same as the letter E on the keyboard. It is the default setting. There is no problem with that, but it gets irritating in the long run if controller prompts continue to show up.

Fortunately, fixing this issue is easy.

How To Change The Controller Button Prompts To Mouse And Keyboard In Elden Ring

Follow these steps to remove the controller button prompts while playing with a mouse and keyboard.

  1. Open Elden Ring
  2. Click on System
  1. Head on to the Sound and Display options.
  1. Look for the Device for On-Screen Prompts option. It will be Gamepad by default. Click on it and set it to Keyboard and Mouse.
  1. That’s it! You have set your game prompts from the controller to the keyboard. If you look at the bottom left corner of your screen you can verify if the change is successful or not.

How To Change Keybindings in Elden Ring

It seems like Elden Ring is geared more towards controller players with its unconventional keyboard bindings. But you may change your bindings to a better one by following these instructions.

  1. Open Elden Ring
  2. Click on System
  3. Click on Key Bindings under Keyboard and Mouse settings.
  1. Proceed to change your bindings by clicking on an action and then pressing the new key bind. Press Okay once you are done.
  1. Good job! You have now changed your keybindings in Elden Ring.

The game without a doubt is a contender as one of the best games of 2022. However, the default keybinds are a little atrocious for a game this huge. For instance, you have to press the letter Q to go back instead of pressing the ESC key. It’s nitpicking but it is not changeable through the keybindings.

Elden Ring on PC: Should You Use Mouse and Keyboard or Controller

Elden Ring on PC supports both Mouse and Keyboard and Controller. Both have their pros and cons. But ultimately, the game leans towards controller players more. Here’s why.

The Keyboard bindings for switching weapons or skills are on the arrow key. It is far from the usual WASD movement controls. This means you need to let go of either your mouse or your movement keys to switch weapons.

On the other hand, the default controller setup has the weapons, skills, and items on the D-Pad. It is a thumb away from the Left Stick. Claw-style players even have easier access to these buttons.

Another example is when you want to bring up the pouch. On the controller, you have to press the Y or Triangle button and then press the D-Pad to set an item.

If you are using a mouse and keyboard, you need to press the letter E and then use another finger to press 1-4. This is less than ideal as you might be beaten by your enemy because of this small downtime.

In the end, you have the freedom to choose to use a mouse and keyboard or controller while playing Elden Ring.

However, it is highly suggested that you go with a controller as it feels more natural. If you are coming from Mouse and Keyboard then there is a slight learning curve. But it is worth practicing instead of having little gymnastics with your hand trying to press keys simultaneously on your keyboard.

Wrapping Up

Elden Ring is an excellent game with a great storyline and mechanics with a little bit of button prompt issue. But surely, you now know how to change the controller button prompts to mouse and keyboard in Elden Ring. This will make the game more exciting to play as there is no more button prompts to bother you.

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