Have you just got your Streamelements bot set up? Hopefully you are enjoying all of the amazing extra features that it brings to your stream. If you have came to this article, you are probably wondering how you can change your follow message.

When you set up Streamelements, it comes with a default follow message that will greet your new followers. You may want to change this message or disable it completely. Let’s jump in and show you how you can get started.

How To Change Follow Message On StreamElements

Changing your follow message is very easy inside your Streamelements dashboard. We would recommend changing it to something in line with your brand. This may be a joke or a follow message related to your stream. Just follow the steps below to change it.

  1. Open your Streamelements dashboard
  2. Navigate to Chat Bot –> Modules on the left hand side
  1. Under the bot modules section go to Followers and then the message section.
  1. In the message section you can change your follow message. This is what will get returned to someone when they follow you on stream.

Using the {user} text will return the persons username. Below is an example of a message I might use on my stream as I call my community the burrito gang.

Thanks for becoming part of the Burrito gang {user}.

How To Disable Follower Message In Streamelements

If you are growing rapidly and getting a lot of new followers every stream the follow thank you messages may be getting a little annoying in your chat. You do have the option to turn them off if you want. Follow the steps below to disable follower messages on Streamelements.

  1. Go to your Streamelements Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Chat Bot –> Modules on the left hand side
  3. In the module section go to Followers
  4. Make sure the Enabled button is turned to off

When you have this button slid to off your bot will not greet followers in chat anymore. If you want to turn off all chat alerts you can do that by sliding the “Chat Alerts” button to off. This means you want receive messages for followers, Tips, Subscribers etc.

Wrapping Up

You can now quickly turn follower messages on or off in Streamelements. If you are a new growing streamer I would recommend keeping them turned on and greeting your new followers with an interesting message that is in line with your brand.

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