If you have been streaming on Twitch for a while there is probably a time when you have thought to yourself it would be useful to check your chat logs. Maybe you want to see how people reacted to certain situations during your stream or maybe you want to see what someone said so you can review whether or not they need the ban hammer dropped on them.

Let’s jump in and take a look at a few ways you can check the Twitch chat logs on your channel.

Reasons You May Want To Check Chat Logs

1. Review Your Stream

If you have recently added a new segment to your stream or you did something interesting on a particular stream you may want to go back and review what people had to say about this part of your stream.

2. Review What A Viewer Said

If you have a troublesome viewer in your chat you may want to review their chat logs and see if they are just a troll so you can ban them from your stream.

3. Report Inappropriate Content

If someone in your chat is posting inappropriate content in your stream that is against Twitch TOS you may want to go and report them to Twitch if you weren’t able to during the actual stream.

4. New Memes & Emotes

The world in general moves so fast these days and Twitch trends move even faster. You may want to hop into your chat to see which emotes and memes are currently trending in your stream and across Twitch in general.

5. To Follow Tips Or Advice

Someone may have given you as guide to do something or tips on how to improve your stream and you may want to go back and check it out. By using chat logs you can go back and follow the tutorial in your own time off stream.

How To Check Chat Logs On Twitch

Method 1 – Check Chat Logs With Twitch VODs

When you open up your VODs inside Twitch you will be able to see your chat as it happened during the stream. You can fast forward and skip to certain parts in the stream if you know roughly where the message you wanted to check out is.

As you can see in the screen shot below in this VOD we can see the chat on the right hand side.

Method 2 – Review Specific Users Chat With The User Search Command

The user search command allows you to visit specific viewers and see all the comments specifically made by them on your channel. You will need to know what their username is to use this method.

How To Review A Specific Users Chat On Twitch

To view a specific users chat on Twitch you will need to know their username. Streamers and mods are able to click on a users username to see information such as chat logs. You can also use the command (/user username) to check logs.

You can also see other information when using this method such as:

  • How many timeouts this user has received
  • How many times this user has been banned
  • Comments a mod has made about why a user may have been banned
  • How many and the content of all messages that user has sent

You are also able to see when an account was created. If it is recently created and they are causing trouble in chat it may be someone you have banned and has created a new account to come back and troll.

How To Check Twitch Chat Logs As A Mod

  1. Enter mod view by clicking on the sword icon at the bottom of chat.
  2. You can then either find the users name in the list of channel viewers or click on their name when they post something in chat.
  3. You will now be able to see all of their messages and have the option to ban or report them as well as put them on a time out.

Method 3 – Use A Third Party Program To Download Chat Messages

If you want to keep an archive of all messages in your chat that you own and have access to you can use a third party tool to store and download chat messages. Comments you or your mods use will not show in these chat logs. You can use a program such as Chatty which is free.

Chatty is an opensource software that offers a few different features but the main one we are concerned with is the ability to download your chat database to your hard drive.

Other features include:

  • Seeing a Viewer graph of your current viewers (Similar to Youtube Studio)
  • Auto Moderation
  • Recent Followers & Subscribers


Can I See My Chat History On Twitch?

As a viewer you will not be able to see a history of your messages. Only the streamer can see a history of the messages you have sent into their chat.

Does Twitch Keep Logs Of Chat?

Twitch likely keep internal logs of chat stored. As we know you can see chat history on VODs so that has to be stored somewhere. However they do not share a public database of chat logs.


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