The Nintendo Switch is an excellent console that you may use in multiple ways. You can use it docked and play through a huge screen or use it handheld with the joy-cons. Some games even work with the touch screen. Styluses are even sold to take advantage of this feature.

But because of this, the Switch screen is a fingerprint magnet. A few minutes into a game and the oils from your fingers would smudge the screen. Worst-case scenario, the joy-cons and other parts of the screen get sticky as well.

Today, let’s talk about how to clean the Nintendo Switch screen and keep it in pristine condition.

How To Clean Nintendo Switch Screen

The Nintendo Switch screen is easy to clean. All you need is a microfiber cloth and water. Put some water on the microfiber but not too much. Just enough to make it damp. Wipe the screen from top to bottom in a circular manner.

If you are wearing glasses, then you are also in luck. You may use the cleaning cloth for your glasses to wipe your switch.

There are available isopropyl wipes too that you may use on your screen. However, some would discourage the use of isopropyl alcohol on your screen. If you are going this route, then make sure that you are only using a small amount. A dab or two of the alcohol would be enough.

Should You Use A Tempered Glass Screen Protector On Your Nintendo Switch?

If you are undecided on whether to use a tempered glass screen protector on your Nintendo Switch then this is the sign to finally do it. Sometimes tempered glass screen protectors do not feel great to the touch. However, the Switch screen does not use a glass panel. The screen is plastic and sooner or later you will scratch it if you do not put on a screen protector.

Most modern touch screen devices use gorilla glass and it does not scratch when touched by regular objects. But this is not the case with the Nintendo Switch. The plastic screen scratches easily.

Tempered glass screen protectors also protect your Nintendo Switch screen in case of drops. There are cases where the tempered glass shatters but the actual screen remains intact.

Besides, Nintendo Switch tempered glass protectors are very affordable. Some Switch cases even include one as part of a bundle.

How To Clean Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

You need to clean your Nintendo Switch joy-cons regularly or else it will get oil smudges from your fingers. They are made of matte materials, which can hide blemishes, but they will easily show oil residue.

It is easy to clean the joy-cons. All you have to do is to wipe it with a damp microfiber cloth. Make sure that it is not dripping wet or you the liquid might seep into the insides of your joy-con.

Follow through with a dry microfiber cloth to dry your joy-cons.

If you need another reason to clean your Switch joy-cons, here is another one.

The dreaded Joy-con drift is possibly caused by dirt getting inside the thumbstick. When too much dirt accumulates, it prevents the joy-con from detecting movement. Sometimes it introduces ghost movement too – popularly known as joy-con drift.

If ever this is not the actual cause of the drift, then at least you have a clean joy-con you could share with your friends and family.

Clean Your Nintendo Switch Case

Your Nintendo Switch case is there to protect your device from scratches, dings, or unexpected drops. But it does not protect your Switch from dust and dirt build-up.

Do not forget to clean your Nintendo Switch case regularly to prevent stains from getting imprinted on your Switch.

Dust and dirt could accumulate in the insides of your Nintendo Switch case. This part is often left unnoticed because it is hidden. After some time, dust and dirt would build up and it would leave a residue on the actual body of your Switch.

Once this happens, the stains would be very difficult to remove and you might have to use disinfectant wipes or cleaners to remove them.

The best thing to do right now is to prevent these stains from occurring in the first place. Besides, it only takes a few minutes to take off your case and clean it thoroughly.

Be Careful Of Alcohol When Cleaning Your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced that using alcohol is not recommended when cleaning the Nintendo Switch. Prolonged exposure to alcohol will cause the plastic parts of the Switch to fade in color. The worst case is it would deform.

The company also mentioned that other types of cleaners may also cause the same problems when used on the Nintendo Switch.

Does it mean you should totally ditch alcohol usage?

Yes, if you want to comply with Nintendo’s directives.

However, a small amount of alcohol may not hurt. Just be sure to follow through with a damp cloth. Do take note that this is a risk that you are willing to take though and if your Switch breaks, it is not covered by the warranty.

Moreover, using 99% isopropyl alcohol might even work well when disinfecting or cleaning your devices since it evaporates very quickly. You can give your Switch a quick pass with microfiber and 99% isopropyl, follow with a damp microfiber, then wipe quickly with a dry towel.

If you are going to follow Nintendo’s directives, then go ahead and clean your Switch with a soft dry cloth. But this will not disinfect your Nintendo Switch.

Wrapping Up

There you go! You may now clean your Nintendo Switch screen safely. All you have to do is follow our instructions above and you can get rid of icky fingerprints and oil residue on your console.

Do not forget to clean your joy-cons, case, and Nintendo Switch body too since dirt and dust might cause problems in the long run.

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