Youtube have just released one of the most requested features on their live streaming platform. Viewers are now able to create small clips directly from the stream meaning you can save some of your favourite moments from a stream and easily send it to your friends.

Previously we had to select a timestamp and send over a whole three hour stream to our friends if we wanted to share something with them.

Now we can save a clip and share it. When someone opens that clip it will open up on the streamers channel directing more views to their channel which is great for streamers like you and me for growing our channels.

However this is only available with select streamers at the minute but will hopefully get rolled out fully soon.

How To Clip Something On Stream

When you’re watching a streamer who has clipping enabled you will see a small pair of scissors at the bottom right of the video.

When you click the clip button a “Create clip” section will appear to the right of the video where you can select part of the stream you want to clip on the timeline.

Just drag each end to where you want the clip to start and end.

Once you give the clip a name and click share clip you will be presented with the link and the ability to share it on social platforms.

Once you go to this link you will be directed to the clip like any other Youtube video with the option to watch full video/stream on the right hand side.

Does Youtube Clips Benefit Streamers?

For years now clips have been one of the best features on Twitch and everyone has been requesting that it gets added to Youtube Live. Finally the feature is here and we think this is a great updated for streamers and the future potential of Youtube Streaming.

With the amazing discoverability already on youtube and the fact that they are trying to improve the platform by adding these much needed features is a great sign for streamers.

With all the politics at Twitch and users getting frustrated we wouldn’t be surprised to see more streamers move from Twitch to Youtube as the platform improves.

Let us know what you think down below! Are you excited to share clips from your stream?

Wrapping Up Youtube Clips

We are excited to see Youtube making moves in streaming and adding the features we have been asking for. Get clipping…

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