If you want to add a LUT to your OBS scene you will need to add it as a PNG image. Unfortunately most LUTs that you download will be in Cube or 3DL file format which is incompatible with OBS. In this article we will go step by step on how to convert a LUT to PNG file format for use in OBS Studio.

How To Convert A LUT to A PNG

In this tutorial we will be using photoshop to convert the .cube file to a .png file. Follow the steps below to covert your LUT.

  1. Download this neutral LUT and open it in Photoshop. This link will open the neutral LUT in your browser where you can Right Click –> Save the image.
  1. We now need to create a new LUT layer on the image. To do this navigate to Layer –> New Adjustment Layer –> Color Lookup
  1. This will add a new layer above your “Background layer” in photoshop.
  1. Now click on the Color lookup 1 layer and then navigate to the Properties tab. Click on the drop down and select “Load 3D LUT”. You can then browse for the LUT file you want to convert.

Once your LUT has loaded in you should see your images colors shift slightly depending on the LUT you have applied.

  1. Now go to File –> Export As –> PNG –> Export –> Select Your Save location.

You will now have a PNG version of your LUT which you can use in OBS Studio. You can see in the photos below how the original LUT differs from the LUT you loaded in.

Can I Use LUTs In OBS Studio?

Yes, you can use LUTs in OBS Studio. To use a LUT in OBS Studio you will need to convert it from a .CUBE or .3DL file to a PNG. You will then be able to load this into OBS Studios LUT section and change how your webcam looks.

What Does LUT Stan For?

LUT stands for Look Up Table. A lookup table changes the original colors in a video to new colors. This can dramatically change how a video looks, for better or worse. Getting the right LUT for your setup is important.

Wrapping Up

You can now use your LUT in OBS Studio and improve the quality of your webcam. Using a certain LUT is a great way to set the mood in your scene and give your stream a specific “Brand look”.

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