Twitch has recently added a poll feature to their platform. As a streamer or mod in a stream you can now set up a poll and get answers from your community.

This is a great way to engage with your stream and get some feedback on ideas you have. If you want to go out there and play a new game but don’t know what your audience would prefer then just throw up a poll and let your audience decide. Let’s go through setting up the poll step by step.

How To Set Up A Poll On Twitch Step By Step Guide

Step 1 – Go to Your Creator Dashboard in Twitch

In your Twitch account click on your profile picture in the Top right. Go to create dashboard. On the right hand side of your creator dashboard you will see a panel called Quick actions.

Step 2 – Add Polls To Your Quick Actions Dashboard

To add the polls feature to your dashboard you can select the + button. This will bring up multiple features you can add to your dashboard.

Scroll down to “Grow Your Community” and then select manage poll.

Click add to add it to your dashboard.

Step 3 – Create A New Poll

In your Quick Action dashboard you will now see the manage poll option. Click this and you will be prompted with Poll Management. Just click create a new poll.

When you click create a poll you will be prompted to add a Question and responses.

You or your mods can do this mid stream. Once you have entered your question and responses you can also add some extra feature with Bits or Channel points.

Just tick the boxes and select how many bits/Channel points you require per extra vote.

This can be a great way to earn some extra money from your stream. If you have really passionate fans who want to you to do a particular request in the poll they may pay extra to obtain more votes.

You can also select the duration of your poll here. You can select between 1 and 10 minutes. I would recommend running the poll for approximately 2 mins to give everyone a chance to vote.

Once you’re ready to launch the poll just click start poll and it will pop up on your viewers screen ready for them to answer.

How To Start A Poll With Commands

Not only can you start the poll from your creator dashboard but you can do it by using chat commands. This is perfect if you want you mods to be able to start and end polls.

Start Poll

To start a poll using commands you can type /poll in the chat. You or your mods can use this to initiate the poll. This opens the setup menu where you can input your question and responses.

End Poll

The command /endpoll allows you to end the poll in the chat. This will shut down the ability to make responses for viewers and the results of the poll will be shown to all viewers on the screen.

Delete Poll

To delete the poll you can use command /deletepoll in chat. This will completely delete the current poll and the results will not be shown to your viewers.

Add Twitch Quick Actions To OBS Studio

You can also add quick actions to your OBS dashboard and manage the polls from there. To do this follow the steps below.

  1. Open your stream dashboard in Twitch and navigate to the to the quick action panel on the right hand side.
  2. Click the three dots in the top right and you will see a dropdown with “Pop out” at the bottom.
  3. Click pop out. Copy the link at the top of the pop out.
  4. Open OBS Studio and go to View –> Docks –> Custom browser docks. Here a new window will open.
  5. In the blank box give your dock a heading. You can then paste your quick actions URL in the URL section.
  6. Click apply and your new dock will open.

You may have to sign into Twitch for the dock to work. You can then drag the dock anywhere you want inside OBS and control your quick action from here.

Ideas For Twitch Stream Polls

Below are some ideas you can use stream polls for.

  • Let your chat choose what game you’re going to play next
  • Let your chat choose what map you’re going to play next
  • Ask your chat their opinion on a topic
  • Ask your chat for a specific path to take in a game (RPG Games were decisions affect your gameplay)
  • Ask your chat for their opinion on current affairs
  • Ask your chat to make decisions for you (Chat controls my life for a day)

Twitch Poll Alternatives

If you are yet to unlock the Poll feature on your channel or you’re streaming on Youtube a good alternative is Strawpoll. Strawpoll has been the go to tool for polls for years. You create your poll on strawpoll and then share your link in Twitch or Youtube chat so your viewers can vote.

Wrapping Up

Twitch polls are a great addition to Twitch for creators. For years streamers have had to use alternative methods such as straw poll which isn’t intuitive as people have to leave the platform. The native integration is a great way to engage with your chat and allow them to communicate what they want to see on stream.

Let us know what you use polls for on your streams down below.

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