Discord is becoming more and more popular. It started as an app for gamers but now everyone from crypto enthusiasts to businesses uses the app to communicate with each other. If you’re a regular in discord you may have seen some people who appear to have an “invisible” name. This is just a name with a blank space. All you can see is their avatar. However, if you try to change your name and just insert blank spaces it won’t work.

While this isn’t a feature built into Discord it’s actually quite easy to create this effect. In this tutorial, we are going to break down step by step how you can create an invisible name on Discord. You can do this for both your channel nickname and also your main Discord name. Get ready to confuse your friends in the chat. Let’s jump in.

How To Create An Invisible Name In Discord

I’m first going to go through the steps to creating an invisible name on Discord. If you want to know exactly how it works then scroll to the bottom of the page for an explanation.

There are two places to have an invisible name in Discord. You have your Discord-wide name which people who private message you will see. You also have Nicknames in each server you are in. If you only want to trick your friends in a specific server we would only recommend changing your channel nickname. Both methods are shown below.

By using something called a Unicode character, which the Discord app doesn’t recognize, your name will appear as invisible as the app doesn’t render those characters.

If people are viewing your name from a Web Browser using the Discord web app they will be able to see the Unicode however your name will be invisible when using the Discord app.

Discord Invisible Name Unicode Working 2022

If you are just looking for Unicode text that is currently working you can copy and paste some of the current working examples below.


How To Change Your Discord Name To Invisible

  1. Copy the Unicode character in the box below. You can do this by highlighting the code and click on (CMD + C) Mac or (CTRL + C) Windows. You will need to copy both characters as Discord does not allow single-character names.
  1. Open Discord and navigate to the User settings button in the bottom left of Discord.
Discord Name Section
  1. Under the My Account section go to your username and click on the “Edit” button
Edit Username on Discord
  1. In this section, we can now edit our name. In the username box, delete your existing name and paste the unicode characters you copied above. Then you need to enter your password and click on the “Done” button.
Change your username screen on discord

That’s all you have to do to get an invisible name. Sometimes Discord do patch these so you may need to look online for other Invisible characters to use.

Discord Invisible Name Example

How To Change Your Server Nickname To Invisible

  1. Copy the Unicode character in the box below. You can do this by highlighting the code and click on (CMD + C) Mac or (CTRL + C) Windows. You will need to copy both characters as Discord does not allow single-character names.
  1. Open discord and navigate to the server that you want to change your name in. Click on the dropdown beside the server name and navigate to “Edit Server Profile”.
Edit Server Profile On Discord
  1. In the Server Profile section go to your Nickname and paste the Unicode characters into the nickname box.
Server Profile Settings Discord

Make sure to click on “Save Changes”. You can now go back to the server and your name will be invisible. Again, if you had any issues with this specific character Discord may have patched it and you might need to use a different Invisible character.

How To Create An Invisible Image In Discord

You can also create an Invisible image in Discord making your profile complete Ghost mode.

To do this as well follow the steps below:

  1. Open Discord and navigate to the settings icon in the bottom left-hand corner.
  2. In the User Profile section, hover over your profile image and click on change Avatar –> Upload file.
  3. You can now select where you want to select an image from. Click here to view an invisible PNG you can use or you can create your own transparent PNG to use.

As you can see below my Discord profile is completely Ghost mode.

Invisible Profile Discord

How Does It Work

It’s clear that Discord doesn’t have this feature built-in as it does not let us simply use blank spaces in our name. When you see someone on Discord with an invisible name, it is not actually blank. There is a unicode character (The one you copied and pasted) in their name but it is just not visible. Every character is assigned a unique numeric value.

For example, the unicode character for the number one is (U+0031). When we are creating an invisible name in Discord we are using the Unicode version of a character to trick Discord into showing our name as invisible.

Invisible Character Copy Paste For Discord

If you are just looking for the invisible character to copy and paste, copy the contents of the box below:


Wrapping Up

That’s all there is to know about creating an Invisible name and Image in Discord. Hopefully, you get a good laugh shocking your friends with your invisible name. They probably won’t have any idea who this “Ghost” is that has joined the chat.

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