There are numerous reasons you may want to delete a Twitch account. Maybe the recent Twitch hack has pushed you to get off the platform or maybe a loved one has passed away and you want to close their account down.

Let’s jump in and take a look at how to delete a Twitch account or disable it if you plan on coming back in the future.

There is two options when it comes to closing your account. You can Disable it which allows you to come back at some point or you can delete the account completely.

How To Delete A Twitch Account

You may want to completely delete your Twitch account which means you will never be able to access it again unlike having the option to recover if you disable the account. Also keep in mind that other users will be able to claim your Twitch ID if you delete your Twitch account.

If you understand the above and still want to delete your Twitch account follow the steps below:

Delete A Twitch Account

Deleting your account is a little harder than disabling it as the option is not available directly from your Twitch settings. If you want to delete your account you will need to go to directly to this link. You will need to be signed in to access the page.

Here you will have the option to completely delete your account. Double check that the username you are deleting is your and then you will have the option to tell Twitch why you are deleting your account. This isn’t necessary.

Then click “Delete Account”. You will now receive a confirmation to state that your Twitch account has been deleted. You will now not be able to access this account again. If you want to have an account on Twitch again you will have to re-register.

If you are a partner or affiliate you will not be able to delete your account on Twitch and will receive the message below.

As you can see you will have to reach out to Twitch support directly to discuss deleting your account.

How To Disable A Twitch Account

If you just want to take a step away from Twitch for a few weeks or months then you may want to disable your account rather than close it forever. You never know when you might want to come back and have some fun streaming.

If you disable your account you will not be able to Log in, chat or use any other features in your account until you re-enable the account. If you currently have any active subscriptions make sure to cancel them before disabling or you may still get charged.

Disable Your Twitch Account

  1. Go To On your browser
  2. Sign in to your Twitch Account
  3. Click on your profile image and go to settings
  1. In Settings scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see “Disabling Your Twitch Account”
  2. Click on the purple “Disable Account” link on this page
How to disable your Twitch account button
  1. On this page check that you the account you are disabling is yours and if you want leave a message on why you are disabling your account
  2. Lastly click on the “Disable Account” button

You have now disabled your Twitch account and will not be able to use any features on your account until you re-enable your account.

Reactivate A Disabled Twitch Account

If you want to re-enable a disabled Twitch account go to and log in to the account again with your disabled account credentials. Here you will be asked if you want to re-activate your account. Click “Reactivate” and this will restore your Twitch account.

How to Reactivate a Twitch Account

You will now be able to stream again and chat with others in streams on Twitch.

Deleting The Account Of A Loved One On Twitch

If you are looking to remove the account of someone who recently passed away you should reach out to Twitch support to see if they can accommodate this for you. You can contact Twitch on their support page.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this has helped you get your Twitch account deleted smoothly. If you ever want to come back to Twitch and start streaming again make sure to check out our complete guide to setting up Streamlabs for Twitch.

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