Recently there seems to be a massive uptick in Discord spam, especially if you’re hanging out in lots of large groups.

People find you in a group and direct message you. It might be a scam, self promotion or maybe just someone saying hello but one things for certain it’s damn right annoying.

If you want to make sure you don’t fall victim to any scams on Discord then you can follow the steps below to stop random people from DMing you.

How To Stop Random DMs On Discord

Stopping random DMs is easy. Discord actually has a setting built in that allows you to disallow DMs from other people in the Discord server. This means that your friends will still be able to private message you as well.

Follow the steps below to disable private messages in Discord.

Step 1 – Open Discord & Go To Settings

Open the Discord app and click on the settings COG in the bottom left hand corner.

Step 2 – Go To Privacy Settings & Turn Off Access To Private Messages

In settings click on Privacy and Safety on the left hand side. Scroll down to “Server Privacy Defaults”.

Turn “Allow Direct Messages From Server Members” to OFF. This will be on automatically so you need to turn it off.

Once this is turned off random people will not be able to message you on Discord anymore. Enjoy a more peaceful discord environment 🙂

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this article has helped you to clean up your discord. I know for me it was getting extremely annoying receiving 10s of messages per day in my discord. This little setting was a lifesaver for me, hopefully it is for you too. Enjoy.

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