Do you want to show your chat exactly what keys you’re pressing while in them intense close-quarter battles that seem impossible to pull off?

Showing your keyboard and mouse button presses on screen is a great way to ward off hackusations, showcase certain button combinations for a tactic or just showcase your mad skills.

Let’s show you exactly how you can set up on screen keyboard and mouse to show up on your twitch stream.

How To Set Up On Screen Keyboard & Mouse

Step 1 – Download Nohboard (Keyboard Visualization Program)

Nohboard is the tool we are going to be using to showcase our keyboard and mouse on the screen.

When downloading select to download the zip folder to your desktop. Once downloaded you can unzip the folder to see multiple files. Click on the application file to boot up Nohboard.

When the application opens up it will display a small blue square. Right-click in the square and select Load Keyboard.

It will display 8 different keyboard types you can use. The one that you will want to use is called joao7yt. This keyboard style shows the left-hand side of your keyboard (your gaming keys) and your mouse.

Some of the keyboard layouts may be useful for your specific use, however, for gamers, the joao7yt is the one you will want to use.

Once you have selected the keyboard you can customise the theme of the keyboard to your liking. I recommend choosing a style similar to your stream overlays.

If you click some keys or move your mouse you will see these keys lighting up on the Nohboard program.

Now we need to add this display to our Streamlabs/OBS so we can showcase it on stream.

Step 2 – Add The Keyboard and Mouse Display To Streamlabs/OBS

To add the keyboard and mouse display to OBS/Streamlabs we need to add it as a new source and chromakey out the green in the background.

Streamlabs Tutorial – How to Add NohBoard to Streamlabs

Open up your Streamlabs and navigate to the scene you want to add the display to.

Then go to Sources –> + (Add Source) –> Window Capture

Give your new source a name (Keyboard & Mouse Capture). Select done and a menu will appear to select your settings for Window Capture.

For Window select: Nohboard as your source and leave everything else as default.

You will now be able to see the keyboard and mouse in your scene however the green background is still there. We need to remove this and make the background transparent using the chroma key filter.

Right-click on the Nohboard window and select filters. Click on the + button and select Chroma key as your filter type.

Select done and leave all the settings as default. You will now have the keyboard and mouse on your screen with a transparent background.

You’re now ready to show off your keyboard and mouse skills on-screen to your audience.

OBS Tutorial – How To Add Nohboard To OBS Studio

  1. Open up your OBS and navigate to the scene you want to add the Keyboard and Mouse overlay to.
  2. Then go to Sources –> + (Add source) –> Window Capture
  3. Name your window capture (Keyboard & Mouse Overlay) and click OK.
  4. Select your window as Nohboard and leave the other settings as default then click OK.

You will now see the keyboard and mouse in your scene however the background will still appear as green. We want to chroma key this out.

To do this right click on the keyboard and mouse and select filters.

Click the + and select chroma key then click OK.

You will now see the green background has been removed. You can click close and position the keyboard and mouse wherever you choose in your scene.

Now you can show off your keyboard and mouse skills on stream with this overlay.

Wrapping Up

You can now show off your expert skills or teach people how to perform certain moves in games using this overlay. The program from Nohboard is an awesome way for certain streamers to show off their skills on stream while helping their audience to improve in-game.


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