There is nothing more electrifying than watching Ronaldo score at Old Trafford and having the whole crowd jump and SIUUU at the same time as Ronaldo himself. The next best thing is performing the celebration in Fifa.

Luckily the Fifa 23 developers have added this celebration to the game for us. I have no doubt this will still be the most overused celebration this season. Let’s take a look at how to do the SIU celebration in Fifa 23.

How To SUI in Fifa 23
Ronalod SUI Fifa 23

‘SIU’ Celebration Fifa 23 Tutorial

In this year’s edition of Fifa, we can do the SUI celebration with any player as well as Ronaldo. It is performed differently when not using Ronaldo.

How To SIU As Ronaldo

If you are playing as Ronaldo and Manchester United you can simply perform the SUI celebration by scoring and running towards the corner flag while holding A on Xbox and X on Playstation. Ronaldo will jump spin and SIUU in sync with all of Old Trafford.

How To SIU As Any Player In Fifa 23

To perform the celebration as another player you will have to use a more complex combination of buttons. Use the combinations below for your console.

Xbox – Head towards a corner flag and hold down RB + B

Playstation – Head towards a corner flag and hold down R1 + Circle

Nintendo Switch – Head towards a corner flag and hold down R + A

Wrapping Up

That’s all there is to it. You can now perform a SIU celebration after smashing goals in past the opposition. If you’re having trouble scoring goals check our guide to the new overpowered power shot.

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