With Tiktok becoming so popular and valuable to growing on Twitch you may have wondered is it possible to download Twitch clips on your phone. There’s tons of apps out there that make editing much simpler and easier than editing on your computer.

One of the keys to dominating on Tik Tok is putting out lots of content, so being able to edit and upload on the fly from your phone makes life much easier.

Let’s jump in and show you guys exactly how you can download Twitch clips to your phone fast.

How To Download Twitch Clips To Your Phone

Step 1 – Get Your Twitch Clip URL

First we need to open up our Twitch app and grab the twitch clip URL that we want to download.

Open Twitch –> Click on Your Profile Image –> My Channel –> Clips –> Click on the clip you want –> Click the share icon –> Share to –> Copy

Step 2 – Go to Clipr.xyz

Clipr.xyz allows you to download Twitch clips directly on your phone or computer.

Paste the link that you got from your twitch clip and paste it in the URL bar.

Click “Get Download Link”

You will see a preview of your clip and can now select download clip.

The clip will now be saved to your phone ready to edit.

Alternatives To Clipr For Saving Clips

Stream Ladder

Streamladder is a great tool to turn twitch clips into vertical tik tok clips. Currently this tool only works on the computer but does a really good job of creating vertical videos without spending hours editing.

We have a full tutorial on how to use streamladder to turn Twitch Clips into Tik Toks. We would recommend checking it out if you want to separate your face cam from your gameplay like the image below.

Best Android Apps To Edit Tik Toks For Twitch


Inshot is one of the best mobile video makers on the market in our opinion. It has everything you need to transform your Twitch clips into great Tik Toks.

On the app you can:

  • Trim Videos
  • Adjust Speed (Slow Mo Clips)
  • Split Video
  • Merge Clips
  • Cut dead air time (Remove middle of clips)
  • & More

Click here to check out Inshot


Quik is a video editing tool made by Go Pro. It’s a great alternative to Inshot and is just as powerful. When choosing between both apps it really comes down to your preferred interface.

In Quik you can:

  • Trim video Length
  • Adjust color and lighting
  • Add music to your video from Go Pro Originals

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you enjoyed this article and can now download and edit Twitch clips from your phone helping you to grow your Tik Tok following as fast as possible. Let us know below if there is any other tools you use to edit your Twitch Clips.

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