If you are trying to start streaming there is nothing more frustrating than your stream not running smoothly. You may be experiencing dropped frames, bad quality image or your game dropping frames.

If this is happening to you, your PC is likely struggling to keep up with the settings you are running. If you want to push your PC to the limit without having any lag then using Performance mode on Streamlabs is a great way to save resources.

In this article, we are going to show you how to enable Performance mode in your Streamlabs software. Let’s jump in.

What Is Performance Mode In Streamlabs?

Performance mode in Streamlabs allocates your computers major resources to produce the best quality stream possible. It also removes the preview window. This preview window can take up a lot of resources as it has to render your game, alerts etc for you as well as your audience. When you enable performance mode your computer does not have to waste resources on displaying this to you therefore freeing up resources to stream and play your game.

The biggest problem with Performance mode is not being able to see what is happening on your screen at any time. If you accidentally switch scenes or if your gameplay suddenly goes black you won’t know until someone in your audience tells you.

You can still see the chat while in performance mode. If you plan on using performance mode, get everything set up before your stream and ensure you have everything you need in your scene. I would not recommend planning to switch scenes while using performance mode as it may be hard to keep track of which scene you are on.

Once everything is set up you can then switch to performance mode and go live.

How To Enable Performance Mode In Streamlabs

Enabling Performance mode is extremely simple and can be done at any time during your stream. Follow the steps below to enable performance mode:

  1. Open the Streamlabs Application on your computer
  2. Right-click on your scene
  3. Click on Performance mode from the dropdown menu
  1. Once you have enabled performance mode your preview will disappear. You should now have better streaming and gaming performance.

If you look at your CPU utilization in the bottom left-hand corner of Streamlabs it should be significantly less when performance mode is enabled.

How To Disable Performance Mode On Streamlabs

If you want to disable performance mode simply click on the “Disable Performance Mode” button that appears where your preview screen used to be. This will take you back to standard Streamlabs.

Will My Alerts Still Show In Performance Mode?

Even though you can’t see your alerts on your PC they are still being rendered and displayed to your audience even when you are in performance mode. If you have a sound attached to your alerts, you will still hear the sound when an alert is triggered.

Can I Turn Performance Mode On/Off During A Stream

If you are streaming and need to make a change to your scene or potentially switch scenes you can disable performance mode during your stream. This will not end your stream. However, if your PC Normally struggles when not in performance mode you may experience lag and dropped frames while making the changes.

Wrapping Up

You should now have better performance while streaming by utilizing the Streamlabs Performance Mode feature. If you are still having problems we would recommend checking out our guide for the Best Streamlabs Settings For Low End PCs.

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