Discord is the go to communication platform for gamers and streamers. If you are streaming live on Twitch you want to make sure that you don’t leak any private information. This can easily happen accidently when you are flicking through screens live on Twitch. Discord have added a feature to their software to ensure you don’t leak any information from Discord. It’s called streamer mode. Let’s jump in and see exactly what streamer mode is and how you can enable it.

What Is Streamer Mode On Discord?

Streamer mode on Discord is a feature that hides your personal information on Discord while you are streaming. This ensures that your information does not get leaked. You can enable Streamer mode to turn on when you open OBS on your computer ensuring that your info is automatically hidden.

While hiding your info is great, there is also some other benefits to using Streamer mode on Discord:

  • Hide Instant Invite Links – This makes sure you’re invite links are hidden ensuring that random viewers do not start joining your private discord servers
  • Disable Sounds – When you are streaming you don’t want lots of notification sounds in the background as that can get really annoying. When in streamer mode these sounds are disabled
  • Disable Notifications – This will block all notifications from popping up on your desktop. If you don’t have this enabled your viewers may be able to see message previews appearing on your desktop. This could potentially leak private information

When Streamer mode is enabled and you go to a page on discord where there is private information you will see the screen below:

If you still want to access the page you can click on the streamer mode enabled button which will take you to the settings for Streamer mode. You can then disable it and access the page.

How To Enable Streamer Mode On Twitch

Linking Twitch Or Youtube To Discord

Before enabling the Streamer mode setting you want to link your Twitch or Youtube account to Discord. This allows discord to display that you are streaming and what game you are currently streaming on your profile. If also allows discord to communicate with Twitch or Youtube to know when you are streaming. Follow the steps below to link your account.

  1. Open the Discord Application on your computer
  2. Click on the settings COG and navigate to connections
  3. In the connections panel click on the service you want to connect and follow the steps. This will require logging into your account and verifying that you have authorised the connection
  1. Once the connection is complete you have successfully linked your account. You will see any accounts you have connected in the connections tab.

Discord will now be able to pull data from Twitch and see when you are streaming. Follow the steps below to enable streamer mode on Discord.

Enabling Streamer Mode

If you are a streamer I would highly recommend enabling streamer mode to keep your data safe. Follow the steps below to set up streamer mode on Discord:

  1. Open the Discord application on your computer
  2. Click on the settings icon in Discord and navigate to “Streamer Mode”
how to enable streamer mode on discord
  1. You now have two options. Option 1 is selecting Enable Streamer mode which turns on Streamer Mode indefinitely. This option works well if you rarely adjust settings in your discord and don’t need to receive notifications. Option 2 is to just select “Automatically Enable/Disable”. This will automatically turn on Streamer mode when you open OBS or Streamlabs. This means you can just set and forget. I personally recommend using this feature.
  1. You then have the options panel where you can customize how you want streamer mode to work. You have four options to choose from. I would recommend enabling all options for the best possible experience while streaming.

How To Connect OBS to Discord

You do not need to connect OBS to Discord as discord automatically picks up when OBS is open on your computer and will then turn on Streamer mode. Once you close the OBS application Streamer Mode will then be turned off.

Wrapping Up

Now you can stream with peace of mind, knowing that your information is not going to be leaked while playing your favorite games. I would recommend keeping this setting on at all times as it is easy to make the mistake of showing information on stream that you didn’t intend to.

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