If your streaming on Twitch you may want to save your stream as a VOD so you can watch it back later and potentially turn it into content for other platforms helping you gain more viewers.

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    What Does VOD Stand For On Twitch?

    VOD on twitch stands for Video On Demand. VODs act as an archive of your previous streams on Twitch allowing your viewers to come back and watch your content.

    How To Enable VODs On Your Twitch Channel?

    Follow the following steps to enable VODs on your Twitch stream.

    1. Go to your profile picture in the top right of Twitch and click it
    2. Click on creator dashboard from the dropdown
    3. In the creator dashboard select Settings from the left hand side
    4. Then select Stream
    5. Scroll down to VOD Settings
    6. There is a setting called “Store past broadcasts”. Select this and enable it to On (You know it’s on when the tick turns purple)

    This will automatically save your broadcasts for 14 days allowing you and your channels viewers to watch the VODs.

    How Do You Access VODs On Twitch?

    Follow the following steps to access VODs on Twitch:

    How To Access Your Own VODs On Twitch

    1. Click on your profile picture in the top right of Twitch
    2. From the dropdown select Video Producer
    3. Here you will be able to see all your past broadcasts

    How To Access Other Streamers VODs

    1. Go to the streamers channel
    2. Click on their profile and select videos
    3. Here you will be able to access “Recent Broadcasts”
    4. Select “View All” to see all available broadcasts on the channel

    Do Streamers Get Paid For VOD views?

    Streamers currently do not get paid for views on VODs. However watching their VODs may support them by getting the VOD more views and helping it appear higher in the list of VODs.

    If you want to support a streamer a much better way is to watch them live or watch them on Youtube where they can make ad sense revenue.

    Why Do Twitch VODs Get Deleted?

    If you are not a partner on Twitch your VODS will only be saved on Twitch for 14 Days. If you are a partner or have Twitch Prime connected to your account then your VODs will stay on Twitch for 60 Days.

    During these periods you are able to download your VODs and keep a hard copy of them, highlight it in the video producer or create clips from it.

    How To Download A VOD On Twitch?

    Follow the Steps below to download your Twitch VOD.

    1. Navigate to your creator Dashboard and select video producer
    2. Here you will see a list of all your videos
    3. To download click the 3 dots to the right of the video
    4. From the dropdown select “Download”

    Your download will then start. Sometimes it can take a while for the download to start as Twitch processes the video.

    How DMCA Effects Twitch VODs & Clips

    When streaming if you play copyrighted music or videos you may notice that parts of your VOD get muted. If you get a DMCA your video may even be taken down from Twitch altogether.

    Twitch have the right to delete these videos to protect themselves and you legally.

    Be careful with copyright music on your stream as if you accrue 3 copyright strikes on your channel your account may be terminated meaning all your hard work is out the window.

    To avoid getting copyright strikes on your channel we recommend using copyright free music. You can learn more about where to get copyright free music in this article.

    Can Streamers See That I Have Watched Their VODs?

    No, streamers will not know who has been watching their VODs. The only information the get is the number of views the VOD has received.

    How To Use VODs To Grow On Twitch?

    The best way to utilise your VODs is to chop it up and post on different social media platforms. This helps to drive more traffic back to twitch.

    • Cut the VID into small clips and post them over on Tiktok. Tiktok is one of the fastest ways to blow up as a Twitch streamer right now. Check out our guide on how to grow a Twitch stream fast
    • Post your videos on Youtube. Take any interesting highlights from your stream and cut them up into single videos you can post on Youtube to gain more views and drive people back to your live streams
    • Share epic moments on Twitter and Instagram

    I would recommend focusing on one to two of these external platforms at the most when starting out. Put as much time and effort into your videos of platform as you do on your stream. Streaming to 0 viewers all day everyday won’t help you grow. Spend time creating great content that has a chance to build an audience and you will slowly but steadily see your twitch audience grow.

    Wrapping Up

    VODs & Clips are a great way to save the content from your stream without having to record at the same time as streaming. Utilise your VODs to create more content for other social platforms and you will see your stream slowly but surely grow.

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