There are numerous reasons you may want to find out when a Twitch account was created. Maybe you want to see how long it took them to get to the point they are at in their Twitch career or you just want to compare their stats with your own.

In this article, we are going to give you multiple methods on how to find out when a Twitch account was originally created. You will be able to check both when your own account was created as well as when other users accounts were created.

How To Find Out When A Twitch Account Was Created?

To check when a Twitch account was created you will need to use a third-party Twitch Stat tracking website such as TwitchTracker or Sullygnome. These sites allow you to see the date your account was registered on.

How To Find Out When A Twitch Account Was Created

If you want to find out a channels creation date the easiest way to do it is by checking on Twitch Tracker. This is a 3rd party tool that displays data on all Twitch profiles. They have a feature on their site allowing you to see exactly when an account was created.

  1. Open
  2. In the search box search for the account you want to check the creation date of. This can be your account or another streamers. Click enter to perform the search
  1. If you have typed the name in correctly you will see a result for”Exact Match”. Click on View to see this channels stats.
  2. Now you are on the streamers overview page. When you scroll down a little you will see a section called “Streamer profile”. In the profile section you will see a section called “Created”. This displays the accounts creation date.

That’s all there is to it. You can now view exactly when anyones Twitch account was created and compare your stats to theirs.

How To Check The Age Of The Twitch Account

Now that we have found the creation date of a Twitch account we can do some Maths to figure out how long they have been streaming for. This is a simple subtraction.

  1. Get the account creation date from Twitchtracker
  2. Subtract todays date from the account creation date
  3. This will give you the years and days that the Twitch account has been live for

You can even use this age calculator tool to make it easier. Just add in the account creation date as the birthday and it will give you the age of the account.

Why Would Someone Want To Know How Long A Twitch Channel Has Been Created For?

The main reason people want to know how long an account has been around for is to compare stats. They want to see how long it took this person to get X amount of subs or X amount of viewers.

While this can give you a good indication of how long it might take to grow there is so many other factors involved. How many hours per day does this person stream? What games are they streaming? How consistent are they? etc.

If you want to get a better idea of how much work someone is putting in you can look at their other stats on Twitch tracker.

How To Check How Long Someone Has Been Following A Channel On Twitch

You may also want to find out how long someone has been following your channel on Twitch. This makes for an interesting stat, allowing you to find the real OGs in your chat.

To find this information we can use a tool called

  1. Navigate to follow date tool
  2. Add the Username for the person you want to check follow history for
  3. Add the channel they follow
  4. Click on Check Date

Check A Streamers Stats On Twitchtracker

When you are on a streamers overview page, just below their name there is a navigation bar. Click on Statistics.

Here you can see a bunch of useful statistics such as follower growth, hours stream, average viewers, active days etc. You can view this for the lifetime of the channel to see the streamers growth trajectory.

You can play around in Twitch tracker to find lots of useful stats on any streamer.

How To Check Account Age On

You used to be able to view an account’s age directly on Twitch however it looks like they have recently removed this feature.

When you clicked on a user’s name in chat it would pull up a profile card and display their account age below their name. This now appears to show how long the user has been following or subscribed to the channel you are currently on.

They may bring back this feature in the future but in the meantime Twitch tracker is the best option to find out when a Twitch account was created.

Wrapping Up

You can now check out when any account was created on Twitch and even dive into more of their stats by using Twitch tracker. Enjoy finding out how long your favourite streamer has been on the platform for.

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