OBS is one of the best streaming software on the market. It makes it easy for content creators to stream to platforms like Twitch and Youtube. However, if you are on this page you are likely having some issues.

Occasionally when you install OBS on your PC you will be faced with a Black screen when trying to add Display capture to your scene. In this article, we are going to show how to fix this problem and get your display capture working.

How To Fix Display Capture Black Screen In OBS

If you have tried to add a display capture to your source and it just shows a black screen you are facing an issue that lots of Windows 10 users have faced. Generally, they are able to see Window capture sources but the display capture just returns a black screen. If you want to show multiple windows on a single screen then this is obviously a big problem. Let’s jump in and show you how to solve it.

Method 1 – Update OBS & Windows

OBS has officially released an update which should fix this problem for you. You will need to update to OBS version 27 or higher and update to windows 1903 or higher.

  1. Open OBS Studio and navigate to the help section in the Top Bar. Click on “Check for updates”.
  1. If there is an update available OBS will ask if you want to update. Proceed with the update.
  2. Now we need to update to the newest version of Windows. Click on the Windows button and go to settings –> System –> About and check your windows version. It should be 1903 or higher. If it isn’t you will need to perform a Windows update.
  1. Go back to OBS and right-click on your Display Capture source –> Properties. Under properties set your capture method to Windows 10 (1903 and up).

You should now be able to see your Display capture source in OBS Studio and start recording your screen.

Method 2 – Update Graphics Settings

If you are running an older version of Windows you can try the fix below to get Display Capture working on your PC.

  1. Click on the Windows start button and search for graphics settings
  2. Under the graphics performance, preference section choose a Desktop App by clicking on browse.

You will need to navigate to where you have OBS installed and select the obs64 application file.

Mine is located in this file path: C:\Program Files\obs-studio\bin\64bit

Yours may be different depending on where you installed the application on your computer.

  1. Once you have opened OBS in graphics settings click on options –> Power Saving. This will enable Display capture to work. If you want window capture to work click on high performance. You will have to switch these depending on what source you want to use.

Click on save and go back to OBS. You should now be able to see your Display capture source in OBS Studio.

Other Reasons For A Black Screen

You may find that your display capture source is showing a black screen if you are trying to record DRM content. DRM stands for digital rights management and is there to protect copyrighted content. For example, if you tried to record Netflix in OBS you would be faced with a black screen due to DRM as this content is protected.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you are now able to see your display capture source in OBS and can get back to recording without any problems.

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