So, you have just come home from a long day’s work, excited to jump into Fifa 23 but you run into a problem. A lot of people are experiencing the error “There was a problem validating your EA play subscription status” even though they have an EA play subscription.

How To Fix Error Validating EA Play Subscription Status

Fix 1 – Clear Saved Game Data

Warning: Using this method to fix will delete all of your game progress (Ultimate Team Progress Will Remain)

If you are receiving the message above follow the steps below to start playing Fifa 23.

  1. Navigate to your Xbox home screen
  2. Click start on Fifa 23 and select “Manage Game and Add-ons”
  3. Scroll down and select Save Data section
  4. Select your profile –> Delete Everywhere. Your profile will now be gone
  5. Next select “Reserved Space” –> “Clear Reserved Space”
  6. Navigate back to your home screen
  7. Launch Fifa 23

This should clear the error message. If it does not clear the error message continue with the next step below.

Fix 2 – Guest Profile

  1. Navigate to the Xbox home screen –> Click on your profile icon in the top left corner –> Select My Profile
  2. Select “Add or Switch” –> Select Add Guest
  3. Launch the game as a guest
  4. FIFA will ask you to confirm your Active Profile. Select your Main Account

That should fix the error from appearing. You should now be able to jump in and start building your first squad in Fifa 23. If you are still receiving the error, there is one last fix you can try.

Fix 3 – Login With A Different Account

If you have another account on your Xbox you can log in with it and start the Fifa 23 trial. You will receive an error message asking the person who downloaded the trial to sign in.

Switch the account again back to your main account and start Fifa again.

You should now be able to play Fifa 23 without any problems.

If you want to watch a full video tutorial, check out this tutorial from AarohanTechSol.

Wrapping Up

This fix is working for most people. Hopefully, it has worked for you and you are now happily playing Fifa 23.

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