Everyone loves jumping on Twitch to watch their favorite streamers. Chances are, you have multiple streamers you like to follow. Normally when you log into your Twitch account you will see your Follower list on the left-hand side.

This list shows you who you follow and who is currently online. This makes it easy to pick someone to watch when you log in to Twitch. However, some people are experiencing an issue where they are unable to see their follower list when they log in. In this article, we are going to show you how to get your follower list back.

How To Fix Twitch Follower List Not Showing Up

This is a rare issue from Twitch and there is no sure-fire way to fix the problem however below are 3 methods that have worked for people in the past.

Fix 1 – Clear Your Browser Cache

The first step is to clear your browser’s cache. This clears any files that have been cached in your browser and will load the site from the host server again. This should hopefully make your follower list appear again.

Follow the steps below to clear your browser cache:

  1. In your browser navigate to the options menu and select History
  1. In the History section click on “Clear Browsing Data”
  1. Select Cookies and Cached Images and files –> Clear data

You have now successfully cleared your cache. Head back over to Twitch and reload the page. Your follower list should now appear. If it doesn’t move on to Fix 2.

Fix 2 – Change Browsers

If clearing your cache did not work changing browsers may be the best option. Sometimes when developers make an update on a site it leads to bugs in a certain browser. If your browser currently isn’t working switch to another one until the bug has been resolved by Twitch.

If you are using chrome you may want to switch to firefox or windows edge browser.

Changing the browser should fix the issue and you should be able to see your follower list again. If it still hasn’t worked, move on to option number 3.

Fix 3 – Wait It Out

If the other 2 fixes have not worked then you may need to just wait for it to be fixed. If the solutions above did not solve the problem it is likely that the problem is with Twitch itself. They may have pushed an update to the website causing something to break.

If enough people report the error to Twitch, it should get fixed relatively quickly. Unfortunately, this isn’t a great solution but sometimes the only thing you can do is wait.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, these fixes have helped you to get your follower list back on Twitch. You can now easily see who is online streaming again. If none of these fixes have worked it is most likely a problem with Twitch and you will just have to wait for them to make an update.

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