Have you tried launching Minecraft and been plagued by the error “Unsupported Modified Version of the Game”? An error like this might pop up if you’ve added mods to your game. 

You will not be able to launch into your desired server, and in most cases, if you do, you will face frequent crashes. This guide will show you the fix for the error “Unsupported Modded Version of the Game Minecraft.”

How to Fix “Unsupported Modified Version of the Game” Error in Minecraft

To rectify this error, identify its root cause by looking at your crash report. When your game crashes with the error mentioned, you can view the crash report. This report allows players to see exactly which mod caused the game to crash.

When you see the message, click on “View crash report”. If you can see the name of a mod, you can directly target the problem by uninstalling the mod or updating it. Once you’ve identified the error, follow all the methods we’ve listed down below to root the error out!

Look for the Latest Mod Version

If you’ve recently updated Minecraft and are experiencing crashes, certain mods may prove to be incompatible with the game’s current version. This will prevent the game from launching.

To confirm whether there’s a mod causing the crash, you can use the crash report to figure out which one you need to update.

You can head to the mod’s website to see if the creator has recently uploaded any updates containing fixes or to make the mod compatible with newer versions of Minecraft. Always make sure to keep your mods updated to prevent any future crashes.

Remove Faulty Mods

The crash report may sometimes be too vague, or you might not want to sift through the error code; in which case, the best method is to delete each mod one-by-one until Minecraft successfully launches.

When you find out which mod was causing the problem, you can try updating it if it’s an older version, or just keep it deleted.

There may be certain mods that have discontinued support, in which case these modifications will not work for newer versions of Minecraft. If you still want to play them, use Minecraft’s client to download an older version.

By heading to PlanetMinecraft, we can see which mod is supported on which version of Minecraft. So, if you’re running 1.19.1 and the mod only supports 1.16, then you will have to downgrade your version of the game by selecting an older one from the Minecraft client.

  1. Open the Minecraft client, and click on the “Installations” tab.
  2. Click on “New Installation”.
  1. Select the desired version from the drop-down menu.
  2. Change the directory or leave it to default.
  3. Click on “Create” at the bottom-right when done.

Update Forge / How to Update Forge

Another reason why you might be encountering this error is that you may not have updated Forge. To update it, follow the steps below:

  1. Go into your main Forge folder.
  2. Open “build.gradle”.
  3. Change the version to the latest one (Check on the website)
  1. Editing this line will tell Forge which version to use.
  2. Save and close the file.
  3. Run “UpdateForge.bat” in the folder to successfully update Forge.
  4. If you do not see an “UpdateForge.bat” file in the folder, then run CMD in the Forge folder.
  5. Type gradlew clean setupDecompWorkspace eclipse
  6. Run the command, and Forge will update.

Update Java / How to Update Java for Minecraft

If removing mods didn’t work for you, then you might have to look into updating your Java as mods in general may require the latest version to function properly.

Minecraft works on Java, and so do its mods. If you have an older version of Java installed on your PC, Minecraft may run fine, but certain mods may crash.

To ensure everything works fine, head to Java’s website and click on the ‘Download’ button on top to install the latest version. Install it, and try running the game again.

Allocate More Resources for Minecraft

Vanilla Minecraft is not a very ‘intensive’ experience for your computer and most people with very low-end specs can play just fine. Adding player-made modifications to the game is a different story as it may add more strain on your computer’s memory.

This may in turn cause the crash and result in the error, “Unsupported Modded Version of the Game.” You can fix this by closing all unnecessary applications in the background and opening up Task Manager. Go into the “Details” tab and find the Minecraft process. Set Minecraft’s priority to “High”.

Wrapping Up

You might have gotten bored of playing Minecraft the regular way, and if you’re trying to add mods to spice your experience up, then you might run into problems like millions of other players. Adding modifications is a hassle, and compatibility issues can arise at any time which may result in the game crashing or refusing to launch.

By accounting for all the problems through this guide, you will be able to play in a Modded Minecraft without any problem. If you run into a crash at any time in the future, simply follow through the given three fixes again, and everything should be right back to normal!

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