Have you jumped into Splitgate and started to fall in love with the game? I definitely did in my first couple of weeks playing however I had an issue where my voice chat wouldn’t work.

Now, I’m a true gamer and after some ranked 3v3 I want to talk a little trash in the lobby. So I went ahead and figured out how to fix my voice chat in Splitgate.

Let’s take a look.

How To Fix Voice Chat In Splitgate

Step 1 – Open Settings And Go To Privacy

In your privacy settings, go to Social Privacy and make sure that Party Chat Only is not selected.

Step 2 – Adjust Your Audio Settings

Now go to the Audio settings tab and scroll down to voice chat.

VOIP Volume: Make sure your VOIP Volume is turned up to 80+

Open Mic: If you want to have your mic open at all times with your team members make sure to select this option.

Voice Chat Input Device: If your default system audio device on your computer is the mic you want to use you can leave this as ‘Default system device’. You can also select the drop down and select your specific mic.

Voice Chat Output Device: If your default output device on your computer is the headphones you want to use for the voice chat you can leave this as ‘default system device’. If you want to switch this to a specific output device click the dropdown and select your headphones.

Step 3 – Set Up Your Push To Talk Button

Go to settings –> Mouse and Keyboard -> Key Binds –> Voice Chat

Here you can select your Push to talk key. To speak in voice chat you will need to hold down this key so other players can hear you.

You should now be able to use voice chat on Splitgate PC without any problems.

Reported Splitgate Cross Platform Issue

People have been reporting that there is also problems with cross platform chat in Splitgate. The developers have addressed this in a recent Live Q&A (As of August 13th) so hopefully this bug will be fixed in one of the coming updates.

Hopefully you’re enjoying Splitgate as much as I am.

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