Yesterday I was playing Warzone on the new Caldera map. I was having fun on Warzone for the first time in a long time when next thing you know my game crashes. It’s happened before, no biggy I thought. Let’s just boot the game up again and get back at it.

Well it turns out my Sunday of gaming was going to turn into a Sunday of tech troubleshooting. Every time I went into the launcher the Play button would state “Checking Game Files” with a % complete bar. This checking took around 15 minutes. Once it finished it would just do a loop and go back to checking game files again for another 15 minutes of fun. Luckily in the end I found a solution.

If you are having the same issue you have came to the right place. Follow the steps below and you will be back in the Warzone in no time.

How To Fix “Scanning Game Files Loop”

Step 1 – Open Launcher

First open up the launcher and navigate to Warzone. To the right of the play button click on the Settings COG –> Show In Explorer. This will open up the Warzone game files.

Step 2 – Delete These Files

In the game files navigate to Call Of Duty Modern Warfare –> Data –> data. In this folder we need to delete two types of files.

The first we want to delete is all of the IDX Files. Highlight all of IDX files –> Right Click –> Delete.

We then want to delete all of the data.XXX files that are only 1kb in size. Filter the files by size and highlight all the files 1kb in size –> Right Click –> Delete.

Step 3 – Run Scan And Repair Tool

Now that we have deleted the files go back over to the launcher. Go back to the settings COG beside the play button and click on Scan and Repair.

This will run the scan and repair tool on your game . It may take a few minutes to repair as it has to re-download some small files. Once this has completed you should be able to play the game again without any issues.

Since applying the fix I have been playing for a few hours without any crashing.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this quick fix has helped you to enjoy your gaming session instead of spending hours trying to find a bug fix. Now go out there and secure that dub!

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