Have you recently been in a Twitch chat and seen someone who has a glowing name? It looks pretty cool, right? You’re probably wondering how you could potentially pick up a glowing name of your own. In this article, we are going to break down how these users got glowing names on their Twitch profiles. Let’s jump in.

How To Get A Glowing Name On Twitch?

The glowing name on Twitch comes from the BetterTTV extension and is not a feature native to Twitch. Even though it is a BTTV feature you are currently unable to get a glowing name. It is now a legacy feature that only a few users got in the early days of BTTV.

No one is exactly sure how you got a glowing name however the rumour is that approximately 70 people received the glowing name from BTTV. They gave the names to people who supported the app in the early days of development.

If you were lucky to be around in those early days and got a glowing twitch name, congratulations you have a little bit of history and bragging rights in any Twitch chat. You have a username that is sure to stand out.

What Does The Glowing Name Look Like On Twitch?

If you have never seen the glowing name on Twitch you can see what it looks like below. The user Pulsating Shadow shared in a Reddit thread what the glowing name looks like which you can see below.

I think we can all agree that the name looks pretty cool.

What is BTTV?

BTTV stands for Better Twitch TV. It is an extension that you can install in your browser which gives you access to extra emotes in streamers’ channels. Streamers can choose emotes they want to allow on their channel and you can use them in their chat without being a sub. As BTTV is now fairly widely adopted across Twitch the app works great as lots of streamers and viewers are using the app.

If you have ever joined a chat and wondered why you were seeing emotes as plain text this is likely the reason. Those people are posting emotes using the BTTV extension. If you don’t have it installed you will not see the emote and will instead see the plain text version of the emote.

Did Twitch Ever Have Official Glowing Names?

Twitch has never released a glowing name of its own. The only way to get a glowing name was through the Better Twitch TV app.

While you can’t get a glowing name on Twitch you do have the ability to choose the colour of your name on the site. Learn how to change the colour of your name on Twitch.

Will Glowing Names Come Back To BTTV?

Unfortunately, we can’t say. Only the guys over at BTTV have the ability to grant people a glowing name. Potentially people who work for BTTV or community members who help out a lot might have a shot at getting one.

Wrapping Up

Unfortunately, we were unable to tell you how to get a glowing name on Twitch because it isn’t possible. Hopefully, you enjoyed learning a little bit more about how some lucky users got themselves one of the rarest features on Twitch!

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