Discord’s free features make chatting on the platform fun and easy. Once you log in, you can create as many servers as you wish, add members to your servers and share infinite voice, text, and media messages with them. 

One of the best features of Discord is Nitro. Nitro gives users access to cool perks, such as animated avatars, boosted server performance, and more. However getting Nitro comes at a cost, but in this guide, we will teach you how to get Free Discord Nitro!

Lets jump right into it!

What Is Discord Nitro

Chatting using Discord’s free version is impressive, and you can do a lot with the features available. But, occasionally, you may want to spice up your chatting experience. Discord enables you to do this using Discord Nitro. Discord Nitro is Discord’s premium subscription program used to enhance your chats or servers using features like:

  • Better emojis
  • Animated avatars for your profile picture
  • Two Server boosts to enhance server features
  • A profile badge indicating how long you’ve been supporting Discord
  • 100 MB file size for uploads
  • High-resolution video streaming

How to Get Discord Nitro Free Trial

There aren’t many avenues that get you a free trial for Discord Nitro. The program makes a distinct difference in your chat experience, so Discord makes it a bit difficult for users to get their hands on the free version. 

Once in a while, though, the Discord team releases a 3-month Nitro Free Trial. If you have never received the Nitro free trial offer, Discord will notify you when they release it. To avoid missing out, here’s how to know whether Discord has sent you the 3-month free trial offer.

  1. Go to User Settings > Billing Settings and check for a notification.

Be aware that this 3-month Nitro Free Trial is given randomly to people who have never received it before but are active Discord users. This means it is not guaranteed that Discord will send you the offer.

Other Methods of Getting Free Discord Nitro

You may also want to explore other methods of getting your free Discord Nitro. So, here are a few alternatives that work.

SteelSeries Free Discord Nitro

Discord also has a partnership with SteelSeries to give you free Discord Nitro. Here are the steps you need to follow to get the Discord Nitro free offer on SteelSeries.

  1. Visit the SteelSeries website and navigate to the Discord Nitro Page.
  2. Login using your SteelSeries account.
  3. Download and Install Steel Series GG. 
  1. Create a GG user account.
  2. Click Moments and follow the instructions given to claim your Discord Nitro code.
  1. Enter the code on Discord, User Settings> Billing Settings> Gift Inventory and redeem it.

Receiving Discord Nitro as a Gift

A friend, an organization, or a Discord server can send you Discord Nitro as a gift. Discord introduced the Nitro Gifting feature to make it easier for users to send Nitro Subscription codes. Here are the steps you need to buy a Discord Nitro gift

  1. Go to User Settings > Discord Nitro
  2. Click on Gift.
How to get free discord nitro
  1. Select a subscription plan.
  1. Fill out the Payment Details.
  2. Click on Buy Gift
  1. Copy the link that appears and send it to your intended recipient. 

When you receive a Discord Nitro Gift link, you need to claim for it to reflect in your account. If you receive the link within Discord DM or Server, click on it and select Accept > I accept. You will get a confirmation that the gift has been applied to your account.

For Nitro Gift links received outside Discord, click on the link and log in to your Discord account. You will receive a prompt with an Accept Gift button. Click the button to claim your gift.

Getting Discord Nitro from the Discord Partner Program

Another free source of Discord Nitro is the Discord Partner Program. You can apply for a Discord partnership, and if you are accepted, you will get all the Discord Nitro benefits for free. However, becoming a Discord partner isn’t easy. You have to have a Server, set it up as a community, unlock Server Insights, then submit an application on the Partner Program tab. 

The application only takes a few minutes and requires you to answer several questions. These are often general questions about your community and interest, so there isn’t a right or wrong answer to them. 

It isn’t clear what Discord looks for in a partner because you might meet the stated requirements but still not get accepted. Either way, the benefits you will get should you be accepted are worth giving the application a shot.

Epic Games Discord Nitro Promotion

Discord is a popular chat platform, so from time to time, third party companies will offer promotions on Discord to target the millions of users on the platform. Gaming store Epic Games had such a promotion for Free Discord Nitro. 

All you had to do to get the offer was to Visit the Nitro Page on Epic Game’s Website, click on the Get button, and claim a Discord Nitro link sent to your email within 24 hours. This promotion expired, but it might be back, so keep an eye out for it.

How Much Is Discord Nitro.?

A Discord Nitro subscription costs $9.99 per month, or $99.99 every year. There is also a more pocket-friendly version of Discord Nitro called Discord Nitro Classic. Discord Nitro Classic costs $4.99 monthly or $49.99 annually. The Nitro Classic plan has smaller file upload sizes, lacks server boosts and server avatars, but it’s an option you can consider. 

Is Discord Nitro Worth It?

Discord Nitro is worth it, but it depends on how frequently you use Discord and what you use it for. If you use Discord to catch up with friends and family and you can go days without much activity on the platform, you may not need Discord Nitro.

But, if you run an active server or have a community on Discord, and you are a heavy user, Discord Nitro is perfect for you. You will enjoy a more superior Discord experience, and your account or Server will constantly feel fresh and exciting.

Wrapping Up

If you would like to have superior features when using Discord, Discord Nitro is what you need. The subscription may cost you slightly, but it’s worth it. You can also try out the different ways listed in this article to get free Discord Nitro, and enjoy all its perks at zero cost.

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