Xbox live codes are a pain when you have to buy them. No one wants to spend their hard earned cash to purchase an Xbox live membership. After all we purchased the console, why do we have to pay for Xbox live.

In this article we are going to cover how to get free Xbox live codes. There are lots of legit ways out there to get these codes however there are also lots of scam sites out there that you should definitely avoid. Let’s jump in and find out the best free Xbox live code methods.

Best Ways To Get Free Xbox Live Codes

Below are some of the best ways to legitimately get Xbox live codes for free.

  • Free Trials
  • Sub-reddits
  • Get Paid To Websites
  • Youtube & Instagram Giveaways

1. Free Xbox Live Trials

If you have never signed up to Xbox live gold on your account before you can get a 14 day free trial on your account. When you go to sign up it will ask you to add your card details. You will need to provide these to get the trial. If you want to avoid paying for Xbox live you can cancel your subscription before the 14 days are up. This will ensure you do not get charged for Xbox Live.

Each Xbox allows you to create 3 accounts with free trials. You will need to create new accounts with new email addresses. This will get you access to 14 days free Xbox live so you can play with friends. The main downside of using this method is losing progress in your games. When you switch accounts any progress made on that account won’t transfer to the other.

This is one of our favorite ways to get an xbox live free trial as it works every time as long as you haven’t used it before.

2. Sub-Reddits

Sub-reddits are a way to get free Xbox live codes if you can get lucky with your timing. On reddits like r/xboxlivecodes people sometimes post free trials they have from old game boxes etc that haven’t been used. If you are the first to use the code then you have a chance at claiming a free trial.

I would recommend setting up alerts for new posts on these sub reddits. Then you can be as fast as possible to the code and test it out.

You can see below the type of posts people make, giving away keys.

3. Get Paid To Websites

Get Paid To websites pay you for doing certain tasks. For example they may want you to fill out surveys, watch videos or even play games on their platforms. When you complete these tasks you usually earn some form of “coin” on their platform. This can then be redeemed for Xbox Live codes.

While this may seem great you need to make sure the sites you are signing up to are legit. Try and look for sites that have been proven to work for others in the past. is one of the most popular GPT sites out there with positive reviews. They also give you the ability to withdraw your coins as Xbox Live gift cards so you can get free Xbox live.

Just be careful which site you decide to use and make sure to avoid generator sites. More info on these below.

4. Youtube & Instagram Giveaways

You can get Xbox Live codes from your favorite gaming youtubers and instagrammers. This one is more passive but is something to look out for. Big content creators are always doing giveaways to help grow their audience even further. If you see a post giving away an xbox live code then you may as well enter it. While you may have a low chance of winning it is one of the most legit ways to get a free code.

5. Purchase Free Trials

We have left this method to last as it isn’t free however it is as close to free as you will get. Lots of people sell Xbox live free trials for a couple of dollars. You can get these on sites like ebay or

AVOID Generator Sites

When you search on google you will land on lots of sites claiming to “Generate” Xbox live codes. These sites are scams and will not give you legit codes.

Usually these sites will require you to fill out a survey to “verify you are real”. When you fill out a survey these websites make money. They are just using the fact you need a free code to get you to fill out the survey.

Once you have finished the survey they will give you a random code, claiming it is an Xbox live code. Very rarely do any of these codes work and you have wasted half an hour filling out a pointless survey.

I would personally recommend sticking to the methods above to get free xbox live codes.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you have been able to obtain an Xbox live membership through one of these methods. You can now enjoy playing online with your friends without having to pay out your hard earned cash.

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