Overwatch 2’s release completely rehauls the game’s structure, prompting it to become a live-service free-to-play game with in-game purchases and a battle pass. To buy a lot of the new cosmetics, you will want access to a bunch of Overwatch coins or even buy the next battle pass without having to spend any real money.

We’ll be showing you how to get Overwatch 2 coins for free by simply playing through the game.

The Grind for Overwatch 2 Coins: How to Get Free Premium Currency

You can get premium currency, otherwise known as Overwatch coins by completing weekly challenges in the game. Completing one week’s challenges will net you a total of 60 Overwatch coins, which can add up to a nice 240 if you complete them every month.

By earning this premium currency, you will be able to buy different souvenirs, emotes, and even new cosmetics. The way you earn new items is completely rehauled, as instead of lootboxes, players will have to earn their way to their item of choice.

You can even upgrade your Battle Pass to the max in an instant, if you have a large amount of Overwatch coins simply lying around. Buying all tiers costs roughly 15,000 coins or 130 USD.

Fastest Way to Get Overwatch Coins

Completing weekly challenges is so far the most efficient way to consistently net yourself Overwatch coins. Beyond that, you will even earn an added bonus depending on how many weekly challenges you complete.

  • Four weekly challenges – 30 Overwatch Coins
  • Eight weekly challenges – 20 Overwatch Coins
  • Eleven weekly challenges – 10 Overwatch Coins

Players can earn a total of 540 Overwatch coins in the duration of one season. To put this into perspective, in order to buy the premium version of a battle pass, you are going to have to spend 1,000 Overwatch coins.

If you’re adamant about not spending any money to buy a battle pass, then you will have to skip out on one for the first season, as only by the end of the second season, will you be able to make the purchase based on what you accumulate through weekly challenges.

Will my Overwatch Currency Transfer to Overwatch 2?

Yes, any coins that you gathered over the course of your playtime in the first iteration of the game will be directly transferred over to Overwatch 2 under the name, “Legacy Credits”. From what we’ve seen in the early access version of the game, these coins have a 1:1 ratio, which means you can buy cosmetics with the same amount of Legacy Credits, as you would from the Overwatch Coins.

That said, not all skins and items will be purchasable through Legacy Credits, and newer releases will have to be purchased with Overwatch Coins, with no alternative to purchase them through the currency you transferred from the previous game.

Wrapping Up

It’s yet to be seen whether the live-service initiative for the game really works out or not. So far, everything looks promising, and we’ll find out definitively if Overwatch 2 can justify itself in a highly competitive market.

The only disappointing thing from the battle pass is that you can’t earn coins at specific tiers, which would’ve been a great incentive. Weekly challenges aren’t enough to help players earn a great deal of currency on their own.

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