Discord is a secure chat application that utilizes TLS to ensure the safety of all of its users. In certain situations, you might want to gain access to someone’s IP address to see whether they’re telling the truth or simply connecting to their private game.

This guide will show you how to get someone’s IP from Discord and if it’s possible to do so directly through Discord’s client.

By Using Grabify to Track IPs

The first and only viable method involves using the Discord IP Grabber. It is considered invasive and requires the targeted party to click on a link.

Go to Grabify’s website, where you’ll notice an empty field where you can enter a URL/Tracking code, which can be used to discover another user’s IP address.

Step 1: Find an Image/Website

For the first step, we’re going to have to find an image or website to show to the person we are getting the IP address from. Make sure it’s not out of the ordinary. Copy the resource’s link from the address bar.

Step 2: Create a Custom URL

In the field “Enter a valid URL or tracking code…”, input the link you just copied.

Click on “Create URL”. After doing so, you will be prompted with the terms. Agree to them and you will be redirected to a page with tracking details.

Step 3: Send the Link

You do not actually get free cookies 🙁

On the new page, you will see a field titled “New URL”. Copy this, and send it to the person whose IP you need to collect. When they click on the link, their information will be logged into Grabify’s tracker, and you’ll be able to see their location and their IP address.

Step 4: Track the IP

Note down the “Tracking Code”, which in our case is “I8FE52”. This is important because to access the page in the future; you will have to make use of either the tracking code or access link.

You can also alter the link by clicking on “Change domain/Make a custom link” to make it more convincing. Once someone clicks on your URL, you will be able to see their details under “Results” in Grabify.

Note: If a user is using a VPN, you will not be able to find their IP even by using Grabbify since it’ll be masked. 

Can I Grab Someone’s IP Using Discord?

No, you can only use external methods like using Grabify to capture someone’s IP using Discord as a medium of communication. This is because Discord uses user-server-user systems, which essentially means that messages and voice encoding is sent directly to the servers, and that information is relayed to the receiver under Discord’s IP address.

The added layer of security from Discord’s end ensures that no user’s private IP address is leaked to anyone with malicious intent, and instead, Discord’s own IP address is shown.

Note: If any user has a VPN on while clicking on your Grabify link, you will not be able to find the correct IP as it is masked by a fake location.

Discord’s Security Protocols: Does Discord Use End-to-End Encryption?

No, Discord does not utilize E2EE. However, it does utilize different kinds of encryption protocols for any data in transit. TLS is used for text chat, xsalsa20 for voice and other protocols for different types of data.

Third-parties are not able to read into your data except Discord themselves, which they can hand to government agencies if requested under investigation.


IP addresses aren’t exactly private information. They’re kept hidden but are, for the most part, fairly accessible. They need to be public to allow the exchange of information. If someone says they have your IP address, there’s not much they can do with it.

Considering you don’t have any servers at your home and/or extra pinholes in your router, you won’t have anything to worry about if someone’s managed to snag your IP address through something like Grabify.

Fortunately, Discord stays updated to keep its users’ privacy intact. With the different security protocols in place for data in transit, your privacy is secure. As of now, there’s nothing anyone can do through Discord to gain access to sensitive information such as users’ IP addresses.

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