Discord has a feature that allows server owners or moderators to have an XP system by using a bot. This rewards loyal discord users for interacting on a server. As users level up, they unlock features such as new roles or gain access to level-restricted channels.

If you are part of a channel that utilizes the XP system, then you might be wondering how to get XP in Discord. Well, you are on the right track as we will discuss the ways to level up in this article.

Before we discuss ways to level up, we need to know what are Discord XP systems first.

What are Discord XP systems?

The Discord XP system aims to keep a Discord community alive by rewarding interaction and activity within a server. Owners and moderators use different methods to keep the community alive. However, the XP system is preferred as it is monitored by a bot instead of an online moderator.

The XP system exists through bots that check users if they meet a certain level. The bot will then unlock certain functions or roles for that user. Bots also check the content for spam and maintain an ideal environment for the community.

The passive nature of using an XP system through bots makes it an attractive option for Discord server owners. Once it is set up, they can leave the channel and the bot will take care of leveling up users and giving rewards.

What does Discord XP Do?

The goal of the Discord XP system is to maintain a healthy community in an organic way. Users interact with each other naturally and keep the server active.

By doing so, Discord will reward you with the following:

  1. Rewards for engagement

Discord members who engage a lot gain more experience. Sometimes a leaderboard is included to motivate members to do more in a community.

Discord Member’s Only Section can only be unlocked by leveling up
  1. Leveling Up

High-level Discord users are sometimes given access to private channels. Server owners might even promote them to moderators which brings us to the next benefit.

  1. New Roles

Users who hit a certain number of XP are given new roles. This is set automatically by a bot.

Example of Discord Roles
  1. Spam Prevention

Sometimes new users with low XP cannot send a message continuously. Once you get to a certain level, the restriction will ease up because the bot will see you as someone the server can trust. It is a way to prevent non-sense messages from flooding the server.

These are the four XP rewards found on Discord servers. However, the rewards still vary from one server to another. One server might give you access to a private channel while other servers may not.

How to Get XP on Discord

The most common way to get XP on Discord is to be active on a server but not to the point where you are becoming a spam bot.

Be Active on a Server

Different servers have different rules when it comes to leveling up. However, these servers often have a common ground – server activity nets you Discord XP.

Engaging in text channels is a sure way to earn Discord XP. Try to interact with the community as much as you can.

There are ways to do this without spamming the channel such as answering questions that are posted on the channel. Having a conversation in a channel is also a good way to earn XP.

Another way to do it is by joining voice channels. Discord bots reward you with how long you interact in a voice channel.

This is one of the easiest ways to earn XP as you can do this while playing your favorite game. Just hop on a voice channel with your mate and talk as usual.

Have a natural conversation in a server

Do not spam the server

We mentioned earlier that text channels reward you with XP. However, spamming the channel with unnecessary content will not help you. It might even lead to you getting banned from a server.

Do not post continuous messages as much as possible. Discord bots have ways to monitor how many messages you are sending within a certain time.

For example, spamming multiple messages within 10 seconds might trigger the bot to flag your account.

But do not worry if you type too fast. Discord servers usually have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that talks about spam content.

Visit a Discord Server’s FAQ

Is There A Fast Way To Get XP On Discord?

The answer is No. There is no shortcut to leveling up on Discord. All you have to do is to interact with a server regularly and you will gain XP regularly. The whole point of the XP system is to maintain a healthy server with continuous interaction. So why bother leveling up quickly if you can take it slow and have fun?

However, there is a method to get XP on Discord fast that is frowned upon. It is not recommended as the moderators might kick you or ban you from a server permanently.

But if you insist, the fastest way to get XP is by joining a server that has unlocked the premium features of its bot. You may then message the moderator and request a bump in XP gain.

See why it is frowned upon? Basically, it bypasses the objective of the XP system which is to interact and engage in a server.

Which Discord XP System Bot to Use

There are multiple Discord bots available on the internet but they essentially work the same. These bots host an XP system that monitors the activity on a server.

That being said, here are some of the top bots that you might consider.

Should you use a Discord XP System Bot?

It depends if you or your moderators can handle your community. The Discord XP system is a passive way to keep the community alive. However, if you and your moderators are hands-on, then you might skip the whole XP system.

Moreover, there are negative sides to using an XP System on Discord. Here are some of them:

  • Spam

Server members would post anything automatically to gain XP. There are anti-spam measures but sometimes users find a way to get past it.

  • Role Bloating

This means giving a lot of roles in a server that it becomes bloated. There will be a lot of roles with no real purpose in a server.

  • Low-Quality Content

Similar to spam, people would submit anything that could count towards their XP. The server will then be filled with content that no one really cares about.

  • Inorganic Communication

Starting a conversation is fine as long as it flows naturally. However, there are times when people would talk to each other forcefully. The conversation gets stale and in the end, it becomes unhealthy.

  • Difficult Community Integration

Introducing a bot could sometimes break a community. The XP system is good but if the community does not know how to utilize it then it becomes a disaster. It would feel unnatural.

Wrapping Up

The Discord XP system is a great way to keep a community engaged and through this guide, we hope that you understand the whole system.

Now that you have a grasp of the system, it is time for you to head out and get XP on Discord naturally.

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