Once your stream starts to get more complex, things can get messy in your sources section. When things get messy, stuff starts going wrong. That’s not what you want to happen when you are live on stream. In this tutorial I am going to break down how you can group sources in Streamlabs. Let’s jump in and get started.

What Are Grouped Sources In Streamlabs

Grouped sources in Streamlabs allow you to group together a set of individual sources in their own folder. This allows allow these sources to be moved or resized at the same time. For example you may want to group your webcam, webcam border and follower goal that sits below your webcam. This allows you to easily move these elements together if you need to move your webcam, when switching games.

How To Use Grouped Sources In Streamlabs (Folders)

Using grouped sources in Streamlabs is really simple. If you have ever grouped layers in photoshop it is very similar. Follow the steps below to group your sources in Streamlabs:

  1. Open Streamlabs and navigate to your sources
  2. In your sources section hold CTRL and click on all of the sources you want to group. In this example I am going to group all sources related to my webcam.
  1. Once all the sources you want to group are highlighted right click on one of them –> Group –> Group Into Folder
  1. Give your Folder a name (Webcam Sources) and save.
  2. You can now see that our webcam sources are in a group in the Sources section. When this group is selected all of the sources in the group will be highlighted at the same time. This allows us to move or resize all of the sources together.

How To Ungroup Folder

If you ever want to ungroup your sources you can. Just right click the folder –> Groups –> Ungroup Folder.

This will ungroup the folder back into individual sources.

If you want to edit a source individually you can do still do this by opening the folder and selecting the source you want to edit.

How To Group Scenes In Streamlabs (Scenes)

Rather than grouping into folders, you can also group into scenes. You can then add these scenes to other scenes as a nested scene. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open Streamlabs and navigate to your scene sources
  2. Hold CTRL and click on all of the sources you want to add to a grouped scene
  3. Right click on one of the sources –> Group –> Group Into Scene
  4. Give your scene a name and save
  5. This will create a brand new scene with these sources in it.

You can then add this scene to other scenes as one single source.

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How To Add A Nested Scene In Streamlabs

  1. Navigate to Sources –> “+” –> Scene –> Add Source
  1. You can then select the scene you want to nest in this scene and click add source.
  1. This scene will now get added to the scene. You will now be able to freely move around this scene as one.

Why Use Nested Scenes?

The main reason people use nested scenes is, if they want the same element on multiple scenes. For example if you wanted your webcam setup with webcam, border and goals on multiple scenes you can create an original scene with this setup. You can then nest this scene in the two other scenes.

Now if you want to make a change to that specific element (webcam setup) you can change it on the original scene. This will then automatically change the webcam setup on both of the other scenes.

It will save you a lot of time and effort if you have complex scenes.

Wrapping Up

That’s all there is to know about grouping sources in Streamlabs OBS. You should now be able to keep your Streamlabs dashboard way more organised while streaming.

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