When you are streaming you may want to hear the audio coming from your sources whether that is your microphone, game audio etc. You can do this by enabling monitoring in OBS allowing you to hear your sources. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to enable audio monitoring for your devices in OBS Studio & Streamlabs OBS.

Let’s jump in and get started.

What is Audio Monitoring?

Audio monitoring allows you to hear the output from audio sources in your headphones while you are streaming. This can be helpful to make sure that all your audio levels are correct and sound good on your stream.

How To Set Up Audio Monitoring In OBS Studio?

OBS has a feature built-in which allows us to set up Audio monitoring.

Step 1 – Choose Audio Monitoring Device

The first thing we need to do is set up the output device in which we want to monitor the audio. This is most likely your headphones. To do this open OBS Studio and navigate to Settings.

In settings go to Audio –> Scroll Down to Advanced –> Select Your Monitoring Device (Device you want to monitor your audio in). I have selected my headphones

Now that we have selected the audio device we want to use for monitoring we need to select each source that we want to monitor.

Step 2 – Select The Audio Sources To Monitor

We now need to select which audio sources we want to monitor through our headphones. To do this navigate to the audio mixer and click on Settings COG –> Advanced Audio Properties.

You will now be able to view all of your audio sources in one place. On the right-hand side, you will see Audio Monitoring. All sources will likely be set to Monitor off if you have never changed it. We can now select the audio devices we want to monitor and turn the monitoring on.

If you want to hear your microphone in your headphones I would go to “Audio Input Capture” –> Audio Monitoring –> Click the drop-down.

In the dropdown section you have two options:

Monitor Only (mute output) – You can hear the audio in your headphones but it will not be heard in the final output (to your stream).

Monitor And Output – You can hear the audio and this audio source will also be output to your stream.

Select the option that you need for your specific stream and click close. You should now be able to monitor your audio while streaming.

Audio Monitoring With Console & Capture Card

If you are using a capture card to stream and want to hear game audio in your PC headphones you can use audio monitoring to do this.

Just go into your audio mixer and select your capture card and select monitor and output if you want to hear the game audio from your console as well as broadcast that audio to your stream.

Wrapping Up

You should now have audio monitoring set up on your stream inside OBS Studio. This should allow you to hear your audio while streaming to make sure all of your levels are correct.

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