Have you started streaming from your Xbox One or Series X/S and want your Twitch chat to be able to hear your stream? When playing with friends in a team-based game, your chat with friends may be vital to your audience.

If you’re playing something where communication is key, allowing your chat to hear your teammates makes their experience much more immersive as a viewer. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to stream Xbox party chat on Twitch. Let’s jump in.

How To Include Xbox Party Chat On Stream

If you are streaming directly from your Xbox your friends will need to set their “Include My Audio” party setting to enabled. This allows your stream to pick up their voices. When this is not selected your stream will not hear that person in your party.

Below I have outlined how to enable this setting as well as other ways you can pick up Xbox party chat on stream.

Method 1 – Xbox Party Chat

Xbox has a feature built-in allowing you to share your Xbox Party chat through the Twitch app. However for this to work everyone in your party chat will have to confirm that they allow their chat to be broadcast.

This will allow your Twitch chat to hear anyone that you are playing with in your party. Your Twitch chat may still not be able to hear other players that are in your game depending on the game you are playing.

Step 1 – Start A Party

The first thing you need to do is start a party with your friends. To do this hit the Xbox Button on your controller to open the menu and then select Parties and Chats –> Start A Party. You can then select Invite more and invite your friends to your party.

Step 2 – Allow Audio To Be Broadcast

If you want to broadcast other people’s audio you will need to make sure that they select the “include my audio” checkbox in the Xbox Party Chat screen. To do this click the Xbox Button and then Select Parties and Chats –> Include My Audio.

Xbox Audio (Include My My Audio Setting)

Step 3 – Set Party Chat Volume In Twitch Chat

You now need to make sure that your party is not muted in the Twitch app on your Xbox. To do this go to the Twitch app, move down to the audio sources, and unmute Party Chat. Here you can also adjust the volume of the party chat to balance your friend’s audio levels compared to your mic volume on the stream.

Set volume in Twitch chat

Method 2 – In-Game Chat

In certain games, you are able to hear your in-game chat on your stream. This means that in some games you can play with Randoms and your Twitch stream will be able to hear the people you are playing with.

However, there are a lot of games that do not allow you to broadcast game chat due to privacy reasons. You will need to check if the game you are playing allows broadcasting or not.

Method 3 – Streaming Via A Capture Card

If you stream your Xbox gameplay via a capture card and PC setup then your stream should automatically be able to hear your Xbox Party chat.

Any audio coming through your headset/TV will also be being sent to your PC via your capture card. Even if your friends have not enabled audio broadcasting in your party chat your stream will still be able to hear it.

Wrapping Up

You should now be able to stream your party chat with friends/teammates directly from your Xbox Party chat whether you’re streaming from the Twitch app or through a capture card. Enjoy being able to stream with your friends.

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