Overwatch 2 has introduced a Battlepass system in the game where you can level up through a paid or a free track to unlock rewards like skins, sprays, voice lines, etc. You might be wondering what the fastest way to level up this battlepass is in OW2.

You can level up the Overwatch 2 Battlepass fast by completing targeted challenges, playing the role-based queue, winning games, and gaining party bonuses.

Let’s talk about all of these things in detail to help you better understand the concepts before you start grinding those BP levels.

How To Level Up the Overwatch 2 Battlepass?

As OW2 goes the “free-to-play” route, Blizzard has opted for the battlepass monetization strategy where after every few months, they will introduce a new battlepass with fresh skins and other cool cosmetic unlocks.

This BP has 80 levels in total each level requires 10,000 XP to unlock. You can either buy the premium pass and unlock Kiriko; the new hero along with cosmetic rewards at every level or stick to the free track and unlock fewer rewards. The paid BP offers 20% more XP as well.

There are a few practices you can do to level up the battlepass fast, and we’ll be looking at all of them below.

Complete Challenges

The Battlepass page in the main menu has a Challenges tab where you can see different types of challenges and their corresponding rewards in front of them. Your goal is to complete Daily, Weekly, and some of the Life Time challenges.

  • Daily Challenges are the easiest of the bunch and can be completed within 3-4 matches. These challenges typically require you to complete a certain number of games or eliminations and offer decent XP in return.
  • Weekly Challenges offer more XP, but the requirements of each challenge are a bit tedious as you’ll have 7 days to complete them. The weekly challenge rotation is every Tuesday and completing each weekly challenge nets you 5000XP (Half a BP Level), which is very decent.

Lastly, you can also complete the first 9 Lifetime Challenges to earn 1000XP from each of them which isn’t a lot but hey, the goal here is to level up as fast as possible.

Party Bonus

Continuing to queue up with a full 5-stack will trigger the party bonus which can prove very useful if you have loads of daily and weekly challenges lined up. You can easily jump a few BP levels with each game.

Role Queue

Role queue can provide you with decent XP boosts when paired with party buffs and daily/weekly challenges. You can see which role is offering an XP buff that day and go with that one.

You can also see the estimated queue time you’ll face based on the role you select. Usually, the game rewards you for playing Flex or Support roles.

Just Get the W’s Bro

Win. It’s pretty obvious that with all of those XP boosts stacked up and targeted daily/weekly challenges in your pocket, winning matches in Overwatch 2 will grant you a ton of XP which will make it very easy for you to grind the BP levels.

These were some of the most basic yet effective strategies you can use to quickly level up your OW2 Battlepass. Keep at it, and you’ll be able to easily complete around 18-20% of the BP every week.

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