Modern Warfare 2 has dropped and people are enjoying the game. However, the new attachment unlock system and fast weapon leveling in MW2 is a little more complex than normal.

To unlock all attachments on a single weapon you will be required to level up multiple weapons in that weapon category. This means you will want to level up multiple weapons as fast as possible.

Levelling in the beta was relatively fast however there has been a change since then and it is now much slower to level up weapons. In this guide, we are going to show you how you can enable fast weapon leveling in MW2 as little as 4 games.

fast weapon leveling in mw2

How To Level Up Weapons Fast In MW2

Playing normal game modes such as Team Deathmatch and Domination will allow you to level up weapons at a moderate pace. You will probably rank up 1 or 2 weapon levels a game. In games like Search and Destroy you will rank up your weapon level even slower as there are limited respawns.

The Best Gamemode for Fast Weapon Leveling In MW2

Best gamemode for weapon levelling

The best game mode for fast weapon leveling in MW2 is the new Invasion game mode. This game mode is essentially a giant 20v20 team deathmatch with a twist. While there are 20 players on each team there are also 20 AI bots on each team. This makes it a 40 v 40 game mode.

These bots are very easy to take out. You can quickly rack up a bunch of multi-kills on them allowing you to easily complete weapon challenges.

Taking out bots will get you the same amount of XP as a real player. These bots spawn in, in waves and all run in a pack from the spawn initially.

If you can get them into a spawn trap on the map you can level your weapon extremely fast and go on insane streaks.

The main downside is getting to the enemy spawn. I highly recommend running a tactical insertion, allowing you to respawn in the enemy spawn again and repeat the spawn trap.

Utilizing this strategy, I was able to ensure fast weapon leveling in MW2 in 4 games. Now, these games are slightly longer than a normal game but the fast weapon leveling in MW2 becomes much easier as you gain more kills.

This is also a great method for unlocking camos for your weapons. The slowest challenge to complete is probably the double-kills challenge. In invasion, you can get these every other time you look around a corner.

Tips For Invasion Game Mode

Due to the size of the maps and the nature of Invasion mode, there are a few tips you should take on board before playing.

Tip 1 – Ammo

You are going to run out of ammo quickly as there are so many targets to take out. I highly recommend running scavenger and if you haven’t unlocked the tactical insertion yet, then use the munitions box. This will allow you to keep your ammo topped up at all times.

There are also ammo resupply crates around the map. You can identify these ammo resupplies on the mini-map.

It’s good to hold down an area that has these ammo resupplies as it allows you to quickly top up your ammo if you need it.

Tip 2 – Tactical Insertion

Once you have unlocked the tactical insertion, make sure to use it in your class. It will give you a huge advantage in this game mode. When you spawn you usually spawn quite far out of the action and it can take 15-20 seconds to get back to hot spots on the map.

Tip 3 – Get Assists

You will find that the people you are going for in this game mode are quite far away a lot of the time. Even though you may not finish someone, it’s worth hitting them at least once to get the assist. Assists still help to get your weapon XP and level up faster.

Tip 4 – Use Double XP Tokens

This one is pretty obvious but if you have double weapon XP tokens utilise them in this game mode. This means you will be able to achieve fast weapon leveling in MW2 within just 2 games. Provided, those are two great games.

Wrapping Up

That is currently the fastest way to rank up your weapon level in Modern Warfare 2. Let us know how you get on and what your favorite current weapon is.

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