Valorant, even with its default settings, is a fairly vibrant game. Something you wouldn’t normally expect from competitive first-person shooters. However, if you feel like the game’s settings aren’t up to mark for your colorful personality, then we will show you how to make Valorant more vibrant than it already is.

Best Color Settings for Valorant

There are multiple methods you can use to adjust the vibrance of not just Valorant, but every game you play on your PC. Keep in mind that these adjustments may not look good universally with every game you play. Therefore, you might have to make a few changes manually every time you switch games.

Does GeForce Game Filter Work on Valorant?

For a good amount of time, you could use the in-game Nvidia overlay to apply filters onto Valorant. However, with an update back in 2021, developers at Riot games decided that third-party applications like GeForce experience should not be able to apply visual effects to the game as it was providing an unfair competitive advantage to players utilizing the software.

There is still a method that you can use as an Nvidia user to adjust the saturation and vibrance for the game, detailed below.

How to Make Valorant More Vibrant with Nvidia

If you have an Nvidia card, then you’re going to want to start by opening the Nvidia control panel. 

  • Right-click the desktop and click on ‘Nvidia Control Panel’.
  • Click on ‘Adjust Desktop Color Settings’ under display.
  • Select the monitor you’ll be using as primary for Valorant.
  • Before moving onto the next step, screenshot all of your settings if you want to revert back.
  • Uncheck ‘Override to Reference Mode.’
  • Select color channel to be “All channels.”
  • We can make Valorant vibrant by increasing digital vibrance. Set it anywhere between 70 to 100 based on your preference.
  • Adjust the hue to change colors along the path. By increasing hue to 60, red will appear yellow and other colors will change as well. You can change this as you like, but we like to see colors as it is.
  • Each color can be changed individually by tweaking single channels.
  • Change channels by selecting either Red, Green or Blue from ‘Color channel’ drop-down menu.
  • Doing so, you can bring out more of one color, while keeping others fairly dormant.

You can use the following setting template to get better colors while in-game.

  • Color Channel: All
  • Brightness: 52%
  • Contrast: 49%
  • Gamma: 1.00
  • Digital Vibrance: 70
  • Hue: 0

How to Make Valorant More Vibrant with Intel

If you’re working off of Intel HD Graphics, then you can do the same without having to worry too much. Nvidia isn’t the only one providing these options. You can go into Intel’s graphics control panel and access a wide variety of options available for users.

  • Right-click the desktop and click “Graphics Properties.”
  • Select the “Display” option.
  • Switch to the “Color” tab.
  • You can see various color enhancement options below.
  • By going over to the “Advanced” tab, you can change saturation and color hue as well, similar to Nvidia.
  • Saturation is what will make Valorant more vibrant. Set this anywhere between 20-70, you can see what works best for you.
  • Click ‘Apply’ at the bottom when you’re done to save changes.

You can use the template below to get the best colors out of Valorant from Intel Graphics.

  • Brightness: 3
  • Contrast: 52
  • Gamma: 1.0
  • Saturation: 50
  • Hue: 0 or 20

How to Make Valorant More Vibrant with Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex has various uses. Aside from boosting your games’ overall performance and conserving RAM, you can also change how your game looks visually by altering colors from here. Head to the website first, and download Razer Cortex’s client. 

The best thing? You can adjust each game individually without having to change settings every time you hop between games.

  • Install Razer Cortex from the link above.
  • Open Razer Cortex, and select ‘Gamer Booster’.
  • Go to ‘Booster Prime.’
  • Select ‘Valorant’ from the game-list.
  • Click ‘Make Adjustments’ towards the left.
  • You will see four example screenshots, and a number of options on the right.
  • Enable ‘Make Adjustments’.
  • Adjust the ‘Digital Vibrance’ between -100 and 100. 20 is recommended.
  • You can increase/decrease brightness and contrast if the option is available.
  • Save to apply changes.

How to Make Valorant More Vibrant with VibranceGUI

Vibrant works fairly similar to how Razer Cortex works, albeit with a lack of a better User Interface. The application can be easily downloaded from VibranceGUI’s website. Once downloaded, you will be able to change individual game profiles similar to Razer Cortex. 

The settings that you apply are only for particular games, and will not be universally applicable to your monitor. The app is small in size, easy to use, and gets right to the point.

  • Start by downloading the ZIP file from the link, and extracting it.
  • Open the extracted folder, and launch the application.
  • Check “Autostart VibranceGUI”
  • Click on “Add manually” button.

  • Through the file explorer, browse to the installed folder of Valorant.
  • Make your way through Valorant’s folder to: “VALORANT\live\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64”.
  • Select the “VALORANT-Win64-Shipping”.

  • Increase the vibrance. Recommended is anywhere between 50 to 85.
  • Whenever Valorant is running, the game will automatically be made more Vibrant.

  • You can follow the steps above to make adjustments for any game you like.


That concludes the three different methods you can use to change the color settings for Valorant. All three of these methods can be utilized for other games as well if the default settings aren’t working out too well for you.

Note that many games have built-in saturation and contrast settings you can tweak with, so make sure you’ve tried them out before moving to external applications to achieve the desired result.

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