When you are active in multiple discord servers, there is no doubt you will eventually come across someone that you want to mute. Maybe they are trolling you or have left their mic on their dog is barking so you need to mute them. You may also want to completely mute a server. In this article we are going to cover how you can mute someone on Discord. Let’s jump in.

How To Mute Someone In Discord Voice Chat – Desktop

Muting someone in a Discord voice chat is simple.

  1. Navigate to the voice chat and right click on the persons name you want to mute.
  2. In the pop up menu click on the mute button. This user will now be muted in the chat and you will not be able to hear them.

The user you mute will not know that you have muted them however they will also not be able to hear you anymore.

How To Mute Some On Discord Mobile

You can also mute people on discord mobile. Follow the steps below to mute them:

  1. Navigate to the voice chat in the Discord you want to mute someone
  2. Find the person that you want to mute and click on their name
  3. In their profile, scroll down to voice settings and click on the mute button

This person will now be muted in your discord voice chat.

How To Mute Someone In Discord Text Chat

Unfortunately there is no feature that allows you to just mute someone in a text chat or server. If you don’t want to see their messages anymore you will have to block them. You can follow the steps below to block someone on Discord.

  1. Navigate to the server that the person you want to block is in
  2. Search or find the person in the user section on the right hand side
  3. Right-click on the persons name –> Block

This person will now be blocked and will not be able to communicate with you anymore. This applies to both private chats and in discord chat channels.

How To Mute A Discord Server

You can also mute a Discord server completely. This means you will not receive any notifications from this server.

  1. Right click on the server icon you want to mute on the left hand side of Discord
  2. Click on mute server –> Until I turn it back on

You can also mute a server for a specific amount of time. The time intervals are 15 Minutes, 1 Hour, 3 Hours, 8 Hours and 24 Hours.

Wrapping Up

You can now mute anyone who is annoying you on Discord as well as mute a complete server if you don’t want any notifications. If you just want discord to be muted while streaming, check out Discord Streamer mode.


What Happens When I Mute Someone On Discord?

When you mute someone on Discord, you will not be able to hear them anymore. They will also not be able to hear you