Bloxburg, if you’re not familiar, is a roleplaying game made by Coeptus. You will be going through different daily activities similar to how characters do in The Sims.

While most players have been playing the game since its beta release on PC in 2016, you can now also play it on your Xbox. In this guide, we’ll be showing you How to Play Bloxburg on Xbox.

Can You Play Bloxburg on Xbox?

Yes, you can play Bloxburg on Xbox however it can be a bit tricky to get it set up. You first have to purchase the game on the PC version of Roblox then you can load it up and play Bloxburg on Xbox. Let’s take a look at how to install it on Xbox.

Simply follow the steps below, and you should be able to log into the game just fine and start your roleplaying adventures in no time. You’ll have to first start off by setting up your user account.

  1. Head to and register an account or log in to your own account
  2. (Optional) Turn on 2-Step-Verification.
  3. (Optional) Turn on Account Pin.
  4. Go into “Account Settings.”
  5. Select “Account Information.”
  6. Click “Verify Age.”
  7. Comply with the instructions on-screen to verify your age.
  8. Download Roblox from the Xbox store.

By this point, you will be able to play Roblox on your Xbox, but you will have to follow a few additional steps to play ‘Welcome to Bloxburg.’

Make sure the account you are using to play Roblox on Xbox One is the same as the one for your PC and mobile. Log into your Roblox account from either your PC or mobile (The one that is linked to your Xbox One).

  1. Go to on your PC or your mobile.
  2. Click the ‘Robux’ tab, and buy the 400 Robux for $4.99.
  3. Go into the ‘Games’ tab.
  4. Click on “Welcome to Bloxburg” and buy the game for 25 Robux.
  5. Once you’ve bought the game on your PC, you can go to your Xbox and select “Welcome to Bloxburg.”
  1. The “Play” option will no longer be greyed out.
  2. Start the game, and you’re good to go.

Why is Bloxburg Not Working on Xbox?

If you’ve completed the steps above, and still can’t manage to run Bloxburg due to error code 103, then you might have to do a bit of port forwarding. Roblox utilizes specific ports to allow players to interact with each other online. Not all ports are forwarded by default on a router in order to prevent security breaches. Other reasons may include age restriction and content-sharing restrictions which we’ll discuss below.

Age Restriction

The error code 103 will prevent you from playing Roblox. One reason can be that the gamemode you’re trying to play (Bloxburg in this case) is restricted due to the age displayed on your account. If this is an accident, simply create a new account that shows your correct age (Above 13), and the error should go away.

NAT Issues

As discussed previously, it may be a possibility that Roblox’s ports might not be forwarded from your end. In order to do so, head to your Router’s page and follow the steps below.

  • Go to the login page of your router.
  • You can enable UPnP settings, which is fast but we wouldn’t recommend this option as it allows all incoming traffic without any restrictions.
  • A safer alternative method would be to ONLY enable Roblox’s ports.
  • Go to the Port Forwarding Menu, and enable TCP 3074, UDP 88, 500, 3074, 3544, and 4500.
  • Depending on your router, the menu may look a little different.
  • Save your changes and restart the router.
  • Start the game up again.

Content Sharing Restricted

If your Xbox does not allow content from other players, then your privacy may be set to do just that. To fix this problem, start by tapping the Home button on your controller.

  • Make your way through Settings > All Settings > Account > Privacy and Online Safety > Xbox Live Privacy.
  • Go to “View Details & Customize” and scroll down to “Game Content.”
  • Move right and you will see the option that allows content sharing. Edit this to “Everybody”.
  • Press the Home button again and launch up Roblox.

Reinstall Roblox

If all else fails, you can try reinstalling Roblox on your Xbox.

  • Go to your “Settings” on Xbox and then “All Settings.”
  • Select “Language and Location” and set your primary language as “English”.
  • Now restart your console.
  • Go to your ‘Games’ section, and search for Roblox and download it.

Wrapping Up

If you haven’t been able to play Roblox or Bloxburg on Xbox, then the solutions mentioned in this guide should get you up to speed with the latest troubleshooting methods.

Once you’re done, you can simply launch the game and start playing without any problems! If you still suffer from errors, then refer to the solution for error 103 which could be due to one of several reasons, each easily fixable.

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