While you might think that raiding someone on Twitch is giving them a ton of viewers it can actually bring you in lots of loyal fans. In this article we are going to cover how to raid someone on twitch as well as how to benefit massively from raids to grow your stream.

Let’s jump in and go step by step through how to raid someone on Twitch.

What Is A Raid On Twitch?

At the end of a stream the streamer normally closes the stream and viewers will head their own way around the platform, probably landing on someone else to watch. However if a streamer chooses to do so they can raid someone.

This means that all the viewers currently watching their stream will get sent to whoever they decide to raid. Sometimes very small streamers get raided by the largest streamers on the platform sending them tens of thousands of viewers instantly. If the streamers content is good enough they can end up blowing up as a streamer themselves.

Chances are you won’t get a raid from Tim the Tatman. That’s like winning the lottery. However even small streamers who raid each other can benefit massively from the feature. While raiding is a nice gesture it can become and give and take relationship. When you raid someone there’s a good chance they will checkout your content and if they like it, may raid you back.

So how can you actually raid someone on Twitch?

How To Raid Someone On Twitch

Raiding someone is really easy. When you are ready to raid someone at the end of your stream type /raid channel in the chat box of your stream. Replace “Channel” with the channel name you want to raid.

Just send that message into chat.

A box will appear showing that you are ready to raid the specific streamer you want to. You can either wait until the countdown ends or you can click on Raid Now to immediately raid the streamer. If you want to cancel the raid you have 80 seconds to click the cancel button.

It will then direct you and everyone in your stream to the new streamer and they will be notified in their chat that you are raiding.

You have now successfully raided someone on Twitch.

How To Stop Unwanted Raiding On Twitch

You may be thinking that it would be great to be raided on Twitch. 99% of the time it is and brings a ton of viewers into your channel. However as with everything on the internet there are some bad actors out there who may harass streamers through raids. If you find that someone is raiding you and having their community harass you, report them.

If it is continuously happening, you can adjust your Twitch raid settings to stop these bad actors.

There is a few things you can do to keep your raids clean.

Method 1 – Report & Block Someone From Raiding

To report and block someone from raiding you go to your chat and click on the settings icon.

Select the review recent raids option. You will now see a list of your recent raids. Here you can decide whether you want to report them or ban them from raiding you again.

Method 2 – Set Your Chat To Follower Only

An easy way to stop a lot of hate in your chat is by enabling followers only mode. This means that only your followers can talk in chat. You can also set a delay on when they can chat. You can set it so that people can’t chat until they’ve been a follower for 10 minutes.

Usually after a raid only people who are interested and are enjoying your content will stick around for 10 minutes. This means that you will get much higher quality chatters.

To set your chat to follower only follow these steps:

Click the settings cog in your chat box and click on Followers-Only Chat. Set this to your desired number of minutes before followers can chat. I recommend setting this to 10 minutes otherwise people who are actually interested in your stream and want to chat may leave before it ends.

Method 3 – Set Your Channel To Friend Only Raids

If you only want your friends on Twitch to raid you, you can set your channel to only be raided by friends. To do this follow the steps below:

Go to your Twitch Dashboard by clicking on your profile picture and selecting creator dashboard.

In the left hand menu go to Settings –> Stream –> Raids and select “Only allow raids from friends, teammates and followed channels”.

Now only people you are familiar with will be able to raid your channel.

Why Raiding Someone Can Actually Bring You More Viewers

While you may think that raiding only benefits the other streamer that you raid it can actually benefit you as well. In fact raiding people of similar size to you is one of the best ways to grow your channel and network within your community.

For example I streamed in a small game category where there was only about 50 streamers. Every night when I was ending my stream I would pick someone who was live and raid them.

When I raided them I would stay and chat in chat for 15 to 30 mins. I wouldn’t promote my channel or talk about me, I would just become part of their community. I would get to know people in their chat and become closer to these other streamers.

Eventually over time while I was streaming I would start to get some of these people raiding me back. Some of them maybe had double the viewers I had and some had half but it all added up.

We supported each other and shared our audiences between each other helping everyone out in the process.

The biggest key is not to self promote. Focus on providing value and taking an interest in what the other person is doing on stream. Maybe they’re going for a certain challenge on stream. Can you help them out? Show your support in the chat!

Eventually some of these people will take notice and potentially become your friends. You may even stream together at some stage.

This is one of the best networking tips and tricks on the Twitch platform right now and is probably the easiest way to grow inside twitch. If you really want to grow you need to look at platforms off twitch to direct traffic to your twitch channel.

Wrapping Up

Now you can raid some of the streamers in your community. As we mentioned above we recommend that you raid people who are similar in size to your in your game/niche. Enjoy making friends with other streamers and potentially getting some extra viewers into your channel.

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