Modern Warfare 2 is here and unfortunately this year they have decided to keep Skill Based Match Making in the game. SBMM is a hotly debated topic in the Call Of Duty community with many skilled players being against it. As a result many players learned how to reverse boost in modern warfare 2 in search of high kill games.

Unlike the early days of Call of Duty where matchmaking was based on ping, you are now put in lobbies based on your skill level. This means the game is on a much more level playing field. You will rarely get in games with players much worse than you or much better than you. This can make for some pretty bland gameplay.

Because of this, people have resorted to “reverse boosting” which allows them to get into easier lobbies with lower-skilled players.

What Is Reverse Boosting In Call Of Duty?

Reverse boosting is when a player purposefully plays bad to lower their stats, they will then get put into lobbies with worse players. If you play badly for 2-3 games in a row you will find yourself in worse lobbies for the next couple of games. This makes the game easier allowing you to get high-kill games.

How To Reverse Boost In Modern Warfare 2

There are two methods of reverse boosting. One is easy but will destroy your stats. The other will cost a little bit of money but allows you to protect your stats and save time.

Method 1 – Reverse Boosting On Your Own Account

You can reverse boost by simply joining a couple of games in a row and doing really badly. Get move around slowly as if you had just given the control to someone who doesn’t game. If you end up with a terrible KD of 1 – 21 this will lower your SBMM level and eventually put you in worse lobbies.

Once you get into a bad lobby and play well, you will get put back into harder games within a couple of games meaning you have to reverse boost again.

This process will destroy your stats and obviously isn’t very fun as you have to reverse boost every couple of games.]

Let’s take a look at the second method.

Method 2 – Secondary Account Reverse Boosting

The second method of reverse boosting involves using a second MW2 account on a second console. This is why this method is a little more expensive. Follow the steps below to reverse boost with multiple accounts.

  1. Create a second MW2 account on a different console
  2. Intentionally play badly on your second account for a couple of games
  3. Search for a game on the second account
  4. When the second account is in the lobby, join the session from your main account
  5. You will now be in a bot lobby with bad players and be able to dominate

By using this method you can repeatedly get into bad lobbies and get massive amounts of kills. Many content creators will use this method to get easy games.

Some are even open about using this to get their content on Twitter.

Can Reverse Boosting Get You Banned

While reverse boosting is certainly against terms of service it is unlikely you will get banned by using this method. Many people have been doing it for years without consequence.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it. If you want to get easier lobbies in Modern Warfare 2, this is how you do it. Many people would put reverse boosting in the category of “cheating” however many of your favorite content creators are using this strategy to get those insanely high-kill games.

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