If you have started to get some traction in your streaming career you may have started thinking about how to add more income streams. One of the most popular ways for streamers to make more money is through merch.

Some viewers may not want to donate directly to you with nothing in return. Having merch as an option is a great way for these viewers to support you while getting something in return.

In this article we are going to teach you how to sell merch as a streamer without having to invest any money upfront. It’s actually a much easier process than you might think. Let’s jump in and take a look.

How To Create A Merch Store For Streamers

You may not already know this but most streamers do not ship or manage their own merch. Streamers are more often than not using a Print on Demand provider to print and ship their merch.

How It Works

  1. You create a design for your merch and upload it to a print on demand provider
  2. Your customer comes to your store front and purchases merch with your design for $25
  3. The print on demand provider print and ships the merch directly to the customer charging you $15
  4. You get $10 profit

This is a really great solution for streamers as they don’t have to focus on running an ecommerce business. They can focus on growing their audience and stream while the third party company does all the heavy lifting on the back end.

What Is The Best Merch Store For Streamers

  • Streamelements
  • Teespring
  • Streamlabs
  • Shopify & Print on Demand Partners


T-Shirt Profit ($25)

Hoodie Profit ($40)












Shopify & Printify



Stream Elements Merch Store

how to sell merch as a streamer

Streamelements are best known for their Twitch bots and overlays however they have also released a merch service for streamers. They have some of the most reasonably priced services out of the providers we checked out and don’t charge any monthly fees.

They are a newer service so may have some teething issues while they get everything dialled in.


  • Easy Setup
  • No Subscription Fees
  • High Margin
  • Stream Integration


While the quality of T-shirts and hoodies is good some people have reported that the print quality can be slightly off. If you do decide to go with Streamelements I would recommend ordering some samples of the products that you plan on selling first.

Teespring Merch Store

Teespring is a veteran in Print on Demand and have been doing this for a long time. They provide great quality products and are used by 1000s of creators all around the world.

They also have better pricing than some of the competitors on this list. This is likely die to the high volume of products that they print as they work with many large creators across different social platforms.

One of the cool things about Teespring is they offer more than just T-shirts. Teespring offers Hats, Socks, Tapestries, Prints and much more.


  • Great Pricing
  • Trusted by many large creators
  • Large Product catalogue
  • Great Customer Service

Streamlabs Merch Store

Streamlabs who are also known for their streaming software and stream bots have released a merch side to their business. Like the other providers mentioned Streamlabs will print and ship your merch for you.

In terms of quality the items themselves are great. However when it comes to the prints if you are printing on a dark colour such as black the colors may not be as vibrant as you would like. If you print on a lighter color the print will pop and look good.

As for items which have embroidered logos on them such as hats these are really high quality.


  • Fully Customizable Store Front
  • Quick and Easy To Setup
  • Alerts On stream when someone purchases
  • Great embroidery

Shopify & Printify Combination

If you want to have really good branding and your own custom website hosted on your own URL then Shopify + a print on demand provider such as printify is the way to go.

You can set up and customise your Shopify store however you like. Some of the biggest ecommerce brands in the world run on Shopify.

You can then pair this with a Print on Demand partner such as Printify who will print and ship your shirts for you. Printify will link directly to your store so when you get an order it automatically gets sent to them and is shipped out.

This option is also great if you plan to launch any other products further down the line that is manufactured by yourself. You will then be able to launch those products on your Shopify store as well, where you already have an audience.

Printify Overview

Printify offers 100s of different print on demand products for you to sell such as T-shirts, hoodies, canvases etc. They are very reasonably priced and have been around for many years.


  • Custom store branded with your own URL
  • Better long term potential if you want to start a brand
  • Better for bigger streamers who want more control


  • You will have to manage customer support
  • More expensive to set up (Shopify costs $29/Month)

Which Merch Provider Should I Use?

I would really only recommend going the Shopify store route if you have a large established fan base and know you are going to get a lot of orders. If you’re a small streamer just getting started I would recommend using one of the other 3 options first.

In my opinion I would go with TeeSpring as they have great margins and have been around for a long time. They are trusted in the industry and will do a great service for your brand.

How To Get Designs For Merch As A Streamer

Before you can start selling merch you need to get merch designs but where do you get them? Well a good starting place is your logo if you already have one. However if you want to get more creative with your designs here is a few good options.


Fiverr has hundreds of designers on their platform willing to create unique designs for you. While there are some amazing designers there are also some terrible designers. I would recommend filtering by top rated sellers to make sure you get high quality designers only.


If you’re feeling creative and want to make your own designs canva is a great platform to start the process. They have 100s of templates you can start with and then change into your own style.

They also have lots of assets and clip art you can use when creating you designs.


Upwork is a great place to find high end designer for your merch designs. You are able to post a job on there explaining exactly what you want and potentially showing some similar designs you would like to replicate.

I would recommend asking for previous work the designer has done to ensure they can create designs in the style you want.


I have threw in Behance as a little bonus place to get designs. You can’t actually directly purchase designs on Behance however designers use the platform as a portfolio style site. You can browse through Behance and see if there is any design styles that you like and then commission that designer to create your merch.

How To Set Up Your Merch Store

The best way to learn how to set up your merch store is by watching so we have included some helpful videos below teaching you how to set up these stores.

How To Setup Streamelements Merch Store

To set up your Streamelements store head over Streamelements.com and sign in with your Twitch login details. From here you can then setup your store.

For a full tutorial checkout this video below:

How To Setup Teespring Merch Store

To setup a Teespring store just head over to Teespring.com and click on Start Designing. Follow the steps to get your store setup and then you can start uploading your designs to different products and share your store link on your social profiles.

For a full tutorial check out the video below:

How To Setup Streamlabs Merch Store

Setting up a Streamlabs merch store is as easy as all the other platforms mentioned here. Just sign in with your Twitch login details and follow the outlined steps.

For a full tutorial check out the video below:

How To Setup Shopify + Printify Merch Store

This setup is a little more complicated than the other methods as you have to setup and design your own website. However there is lots of amazing themes you can use to quickly pop up your site.

First you will have to build your Shopify store then create a Printify account and link that to your store. You will then be able to display your products on your store and start selling merch.

Check out the full tutorial down below:

Wrapping Up

You should now be able to get a merch store up and running as a streamer. Hopefully this guide has made it as easy as possible for you to start making some extra money on your stream with merch.


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