Riot Games struck gold with League of Legends, a household name in the gaming industry with a monthly player base of well over 100 million. They profit immensely from this commercial success, but can you do the same? Is it possible to exchange all the time and effort you put grinding in the Summoner’s Rift every day for a profit? That’s exactly right!

Selling your account is a concept as old as online gaming itself, but for League, there’s a whole market with further sophisticated rules and even more opportunity. None of it is officially endorsed by riot, so it is technically a ‘black market’. That makes trading accounts come with their own risks, all of which we will describe later in this article.

Where Can You Sell Your Account?

Although the safest way to buy and sell League accounts is between people you know in real life, there are many marketplaces online where you go in order to sell your account. One form of these marketplaces is online forums and the other, which many might prefer, is through direct marketplace websites. 

Online forums allow you to communicate with people, receive verification about the reliability of buyers and sellers from others, and generally have a more curated process overall (forums such as Elitepvpers and Epicnpc come to mind).

With that said, direct marketplace sites have the advantage of having payment assurances, rather than just verbal agreement, which is why many people prefer them in order to avoid getting scammed. Here’s a list of the most popular marketplaces, and how to navigate them:


G2G is a direct marketplace website that conducts its transactions through a system of redeemable keys, which makes it probably one of the most reliable and secure marketplaces for selling League accounts.

The process of selling is just as straightforward as with any online marketplace:

  1. You will need to log in to their website or create an account in order to register as a Seller
  2. Click on Sell to access the page for all listings, then select Create New
  3. Choose League of Legends as the game and account as the service type that you want to sell
  4. List your account’s server, then add a product description for the account you’re offering (provide as much detail as possible in order to get a buyer quicker)
  5. Upload images for your account(s) by clicking the Add media files prompt
  6. Set the price you’re offering and choose a delivery method as well as the estimated time for delivery

Your listing will appear on the product page with a unique reference ID upon successful creation, which you have the option to instantly edit at will.

In the case of G2G, they offer a wide variety of options to receive your payment through American Express, Mastercard, and Visa to name a few. You can find their full payment guides here.

Player Auctions

Player Auctions has been a part of the overall gaming product market for quite a while. With a sizeable history of selling and reselling behind it, it is an overall reliable marketplace.

Here’s how you can set up your account for sale in Player Auctions:

  1. As with any other site, log in to their website and register as a Seller for free
  2. Select your method for receiving payments (options are Paypal, Payoneer or Skrill)
  3. Navigate to the account center where you can click“Create New Offer”, which in the case of selling accounts does not require a cash deposit
  4. Submit all the relevant details regarding the account you’re offering

After the account’s set up for sale, you wait for a buyer willing to purchase it.

  1. Once you have a willing buyer and you’ve communicated the details of your transaction, deliver the account through email via player auctions
  2. Confirm delivery on the player auction’s system to conclude the process

You will receive your payment within 1 to 3 business days in your player auction balance, from where you can withdraw it in cash

Account Warehouse

Account Warehouse is similar to Player Auctions where it sells a variety of gaming products, including League accounts. The difference comes in where instead of being just the middleman for players to buy and sell accounts, they instead buy accounts directly from users and then sell them on their site for a markup.

In order to get the price they would be willing to buy your account for, you must first go to their site and fill out their quote form. Your account details will be reviewed by a manager and a quote will be emailed to you within 24 hours. If you choose to accept that quote, the email will contain the rest of the details on how to fully sell your account to the site.

Once that’s completed, your account will then be acquired by the website and your payment will be delivered to you within 24 hours, through either Skrill, Zelle, bank wires, or a company check.

What Affects The Price Of Your League Of Legends Account?

What cannot be understated is the need to let people want to know about every aspect of your account beforehand. Giving the buyers on the other end of your transaction ample information and peace of mind is your ticket to getting your account bought as soon as possible.

What exactly are the aspects of your account mentioned above? The important ones are as follows:


It goes without saying, but the server or region of your account can make or break your account for most buyers. If your account is placed on a popular server that corresponds with the preference of a buyer, they will be much more inclined to purchase it. And of course, the more in-demand the server of your account, the higher the price you can charge.

Competitive Rank/ ELO

Rank is arguably the most important aspect of a League of Legends account, and those that take the game seriously are willing to invest many hours of their lives to climb the rank ladder. Whether it is for the ego or the feeling of self-improvement, players will go to huge lengths to get to the rank they want.

With the competitive side of League being heavily reliant on team efforts, players in solo-queue are at the mercy of chance. This is exactly why people instead of dealing with the headaches of solo queue prefer to buy accounts already at the rank they desire. Therefore, rank is one of the main factors that decides the worth of your account, with rarer ranks providing a higher pay rate.

Fun fact: Iron accounts are actually worth as much as a Grandmaster tier account; simply because they are just as rare, with a low player percentage.

Blue Essence

This is the primary currency used to unlock League of Legends content. Since it is easy to acquire, it may not get you the most premium content. However, you can still essentially unlock the entire game with it, buying champions or acquiring additional masteries and unlocking rune pages.

As such, grinding out a sizeable amount of blue essence is a cost-free method of boosting the market value of your account. 

Riot Points

This is one of League’s premium currencies, which is convenient because it helps put a direct monetary value on your account. You can use riot points to skip a lot of grinding and directly purchase the champions, skins, emotes, icons, bundles, etc, of your choice. 

If the account you are selling has an ample amount of Riot points in it, this will allow the buyer to acquire their favorite content themselves through your account’s riot points, making it much more coveted in any marketplace.


Owning skins can boost your account’s worth by hundreds to thousands of dollars. This is partly because most skins cost riot points, but also because certain skins are limited edition, and therefore unobtainable for many players that started playing late. 

As an example, throughout the game’s lifespan, the 3 rarest skins have always been Silver Kayle, Black Alistar, and Young Ryze. This is because they were exclusive to the original Collector’s addition, digital preorder, and physical preorder respectively, all of which came out in 2009.

Because of special skins such as these, it is easy to see just why hardcore fans and collectors would want them so desperately, to the point where it can bump the value of your account so significantly.

Honor rank

The biggest risk with buying accounts is getting them banned immediately after. So how do you mitigate this risk?

Honor points are earned from other players through votes by being a good teammate and generally pleasant. These points not only lower the risk of you being reported and subsequently banned or suspended later on, but they also help lower queue times which, given the opportunity, many would happily pay for. Well with buying accounts, you can, which is why having a higher honor bar is so heavily sought after in these markets.

What To Keep In Mind Before Selling Your Account

Depending on whether you’re selling your main account or if you sell accounts frequently, make sure you only use throwaway emails!

If your account is linked to any personal email, you’re going to want to link it to a new dummy email that you can share with a stranger online.

  1. Head over to the League’s homepage
  2. Navigate to the My Account on the top right, then press Settings
  1. Go to Personal Information and change your email from there

Risks Involved With Selling your League Account?

Putting it plain and simple, the risk of buying or selling an account on League of Legends is the permanent banning of that account. It isn’t illegal but is a clear violation of their Terms of Service and they are therefore in their right to take such action.

So is the risk worth the reward? As long as both the seller AND buyer are aware of the inherent risk, account transactions are fine. There’s nothing malicious about the action, so if you’re hesitant on that front, you shouldn’t be.

Wrapping Up

And that’s about everything covered when it comes to selling your League of Legends account. Just make sure to have the transaction through a secure network and have your buyer know everything they need to before making their purchase. And with all that, good luck making a profit! 

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