A hyperlink is a text or picture that is linked to a website or document, when it is clicked by an individual it redirects the user to the destined web page.

Hyperlinks can be useful especially if you want to redirect people to your website. If you want to grow your following whether on YouTube, Twitch, or any of your web pages you can share your links to several platforms so that interested individuals can interact with your brand. 

Hyperlinks, therefore, are useful in directing traffic to your web page directly without the hassle of a web search where your web page might not even be on the browser’s front page.

In this article, I am going to show you how to send a hyperlink in Discord, so that you can get some audience from the servers and promote your website or social media.

The best way I have found to send hyperlinks in Discord is to use Carl Bot. I go through 2 methods you can use below but I highly recommend using Carlbot as your first choice.

How to Hyperlink in Discord

As many users have rightly observed, embedding a hyperlink in a Discord message is non-existent in some channels. For those servers that do not allow for hyperlinks, you as a user will need assistance from some third-party software. These third-party apps such as Carl Bot and Webhook URLs are some of the best you will use to send your hyperlink messages. The steps taken to send these hyperlinks to various servers using individual apps are shown below.

How To Hyperlink in Discord Chat Using Carl Bot

Carl Bot is one of the most decorated third-party apps that will help you generate decent Discord hyperlinks. In this section, I will take you through generating Discord hyperlinks step by step using Carl Bot.

  1. Open the Carl.gg website. Click on the Login tab that appears on the top right side of the page.
  1. In the next tab you will be asked to allow for Carl Bot to access your Discord server account. Go ahead and click on continue on the bottom right corner.
  1. In the dashboard area a window called Server picker will pop up. From the list of servers you are presented with, pick the server you want to send your hyperlink in.
  1. Another tab will appear requesting your permission to access the server. Click on continue
  1. The next window will request you to confirm the authority you are giving to the Carl Bot. Go through the list and if there is an authority you do not approve just click on it to uncheck it. If you have already gone through the authorities click on “Authorize”.
  1. After filling out the Captcha, in the next window that says “Let’s get Carl added to your server” click on skip.
  1. In the left menu scroll down to the bottom. Click on the Embeds menu. This opens an Embeds tab from where you will create your hyperlink.
  1. In the description text area write your message in this format, prefix [ text ] ( link ). Note that the prefix is used to show the message you will be writing before your hyperlink text,  “[ ]” will be used to enclose the text aspect of the hyperlink and “( )” will be used for the link. For example in the picture below “Please check my website” is the prefix and [Get On Stream] will be the text users see in the message while (https://getonstream.com/how-to-unsubscribe-from-a-streamer-on-twitch/) will be the link behind the “Get On Stream” text.

  2. Now scroll down to the destination drop-down menu and select the channel you want to send your message to.
  1. Click on the post button to send your hyperlink. A success green notification pop-up will appear on the top right corner of the window.

How To Hyperlink In Discord Using Webhook URLs

Webhook is one of the most popular hyperlink generation tools.

  1. Open your Discord application and click on the server you want to send the hyperlink in.
  2. On the server click the drop-down arrow beside the server name and then click on the Server settings.
  3. On the left menus that appear click on Integrations, then click on Create Webhook.
  4. Give the Webhook a name and choose your target channel. After that click the “Copy Webhook URL” button to copy the link. In case you have existing webhooks click on the “New Webhook” button to generate another webhook.
  5. Now open discord.club website. Click on the “Start Now” button. Close the welcome message that appears on the screen. Paste your Webhook url in the Webhook URL text field.
  6. Scroll down to the Embeds section and click the + icon to create your hyperlink.
  7. In the Embeds description text area write your message in this format, prefix [ text ] ( link ) just like we did with the Carl Bot description. You can also choose the color of your hyperlink for visibility and aesthetic purposes by using the color attribute.
  8. Now scroll to the top and click on the “Send Message” button.

For a more in-depth understanding of using Webhooks you can see the video below for a more visual approach.

Can I Post Normal Links In Chat

Some channels do allow its users to send links to the channels. However, some servers do not allow for links to be shared within the channel. In the channels that allow for sharing of links, one might think you can embed the hyperlink right in the message field but this is not the case since discord by itself does not provide such support.

However, for some channels that do not allow for link embedding, your link will be sent to the channel but it will not be active. This means that for someone to access your link they have to copy and paste it into a browser. Some of the channels also automatically delete the sent links and your links are not shown to the users.

Most channels that do not allow links do so because the admin is afraid or has once been infested by bot spam messages which can be annoying most of the time.

Wrap Up

Hyperlink generation on Discord is going to take some time. Discord may take some time in implementing this feature. For now we have to keep relying on the bots for generating our hyperlinks. In case you have questions, extra information or privacy concerns on the above bots or topic please let us know in the comments section below.

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