If you have been on Twitch for any length of time you have likely seen the leaderboard at the top of every Twitch streamer chat. You may have even got into a battle with someone to get that top spot. Now you want to know how to add this leaderboard to your own chat.

The Twitch leaderboard is based on bit donations from your chat. Bits are Twitch’s form of a donation from which they take a cut. The highest bit donators in your chat get a spot on the leaderboard. In this article, we are going to show you how to set up a bit leaderboard on Twitch. Let’s jump in.

How To Set Up A Bit Leaderboard On Twitch

To get access to bits on your channel you will have to become a Twitch affiliate. Before you become an affiliate you will not have the ability to get Subs or Bit Donations on your channel.

Once you are approved to be a Twitch affiliate you will automatically get the leaderboard on your channel. It will be located above your Twitch chat. Below you can see an example of what it looks like. It will show the Top 3 Donators.

When you click into it, you will be able to see a list of the Top 10 bit donators on your channel.

As you can see this leaderboard is set to “All time”.

How To Set Twitch Leaderboard To All Time

A big mistake small streamers make is having their leaderboard set to display weekly or monthly donations. This is fine if you have a reasonably sized audience however if you are still only occasionally getting donations you should set it to all time.

This means that there is always someone on the leaderboard for others to try and knock off. Once you get bigger and have multiple donations rolling in each day you can stick to monthly. That way it resets each month and gives new viewers a chance to get to the top.

However, when starting out we recommend going with the All Time option. Follow the steps below to change your Twitch Leaderboard to all time:

  1. Open Twitch.tv and log in to your account
  2. Click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner –> Creator Dashboard
  3. Navigate to Settings –> Affiliate
  4. Scroll down to “Community Support & Recognition” –> Leaderboards
  1. In leaderboard settings ensure that “Enable Top Gifters” and “Enable Top Cheerers” are enabled.
  2. You can then go down to “Leaderboard Time Range” and adjust it to your liking. As stated above, if you are new, we recommend setting this to All Time. As you grow you can adjust it to Monthly –> Weekly –> Daily.

You have now successfully set up a leaderboard on your Twitch channel. Your viewers can now compete for the Top Spot with Bit donations and Gifted subs.

Adding A Leaderboard To Your About Section

There are also leaderboard extensions on Twitch that you can add to your Twitch about section. These leaderboards can track Channel points and Donation as well as Bits and Subs.

Streamelements Leaderboard

The image above is the Stream Elements Leaederboard. It has the ability to display Leaderboards for Points, Cheers, Subs, Chat Stats, Store Items, Countdown and more.

You can install the Stream Elements Leaderboard extension on your channel through this link.

Just click on the install button and then click on “Configure”. Here you can decide what you want to show on your leaderboard.

Save your settings and then navigate to your “My Extensions” section on Twitch and look for Streamelements leaderboard. Click on activate and choose a panel to add it to.

Head back to your Twitch channel and you will now see the Streamelements Leaderboard displaying on your channel.

You have now set up a leaderboard in your Twitch about section.

Wrapping Up

You should now have your leaderboard set up and ready to go on your Twitch channel. Good luck pulling in those bit donations and gifted subs.

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