Have you seen people use the Uptime command on other peoples channels. This allows the viewers to see exactly how long the user has been live for. This can be really interesting for viewers if you are taking part in a 24 or 48 hour live stream or potentially doing a charity event.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to set up the uptime command using the Streamlabs Cloudbot. Let’s jump in.

How To Set Up !UpTime Command On Cloudbot

To set up the Uptime command on Twitch you will need to use a third party bot. In this tutorial we will be using the Streamlabs Cloudbot.

Step 1 – Make Cloudbot A Mod In Your Channel

If you have not already modded the Streamlabs cloud bot in your channel you will need to do this first. This allows the bot to interact and post in your chat. To do this open up your Twitch channel and navigate to Profile Picture –> Creator Dashboard –> Chat Box.

In the chat box type /mod Streamlabs

This will allow the Streamlabs cloud bot to interact with your chat meaning you can use commands.

Step 2 – Add A Custom Command In Streamlabs Cloudbot

Go to Streamlabs.com and ensure you are logged in with your Twitch account. Navigate to Cloudbot on the left hand side and ensure that Cloudbot is turned on.

Now that Cloudbot is on we can create a custom command. To do this go to Commands –> Custom –> Add Command.

We can now create our command inside the custom command editor. Luckily there is a template set up for the uptime command. Under the template section you will see !uptime. Click on this and the command will auto populate with the uptime command.

You can adjust the command response if you want it to respond with something more customised. However this command is fairly simple and doesn’t need much editing.

You may also want to go into the advanced setting section and add a “User Cooldown”. This will stop the same user spamming the command over and over again in chat. I recommend setting this to 60 seconds.

Click “Confirm” to save your command.

Step 3 – Test The !Uptime Command

You can now test to see if your command is working correctly in chat. Head over to your Twitch chat and type in the !uptime command. It should return the message you entered in the response section.

As you can see below when you are offline it will tell the user how long you have been offline for.

Wrapping Up

Now you users will easily be able to check how long you have been streaming for by typing the !uptime command in your chat.

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