If you love watching live streams, you may have seen a cat moving his (her?) hand over the mouse and keyboard. Do you find it cute? Do you want to add it to your own live stream? Then you have come to the right place.

That cat is known as the Bongo Cat. In fact, you may even have seen videos on YouTube where a white cat plays the bongo drums (hence the name). Today, we will teach you a couple of ways using which you will be able to add a Bongo Cat to Streamlabs OBS.

How to Set Up Bongo Cat V2 as a Window Capture

The first way to set up Bongo Cat is to download the software for Bongo Cat manually and then have OBS capture the window of the app.

Follow the steps given below to add Bongo Cat as a window capture in Streamlabs OBS.

Step 1 – Download BongoCat

Download bongocat.exe. It is in a compressed format, so you will need to use WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract it. On the folder, you will see the following items.

This folder contains the images which are going to be shown in the Bongo Cat app.

Step 2 – Open Bongo Cat

Open Bongo Cat.exe. You will see this window.

Now, when you move your mouse, you will see that the Bongo Cat’s right hand is tracing the movement of your mouse.

There are two different modes – mouse and tablet. You can switch from tablet to mouse and vice versa using the Esc button.

Step 3 – Configure Bongo Cat

Now, it is time to configure the left hand of the Bongo Cat. If you press two specific buttons on your keyboard, the cat’s hand will move over the keyboard in the left and right direction.



Generally, the left and right toggles are set on the Z and X keys, respectively. But we will show you how to change it.

Step 4 – Adjusting Settings

Open settings.txt with Notepad or WordPad.

We can adjust some of the settings given here for our convenience.

Firstly, to change the key bindings for the left hand, change the values of Key 1 (left direction) and Key 2(right direction). For example

Key 1 (single capital letter, or number): A

Key 2 (single capital letter, or number): S

Once you save the .txt file, the Bongo Cat’s left arm will move towards the left direction when you press A.

Now, when you open the .exe file, you will see that the cat is holding a pen and a tablet by default. If you want to change it and want to see the mouse whenever you open the app, change the value of the mouse to True.

For example,

Mouse: true

If you want, you can even change the background color by entering your preferred RGB color values for Background red, Background green, and Background blue.

After making each change, save the settings.txt file and open the app to see the changes you made.

As for the other settings, leave them as they are. Unless you really know what you are doing, we highly recommend you not to make changes to any values.

Step 5 – Add Bongo Cat To OBS Studio/Streamlabs

We have completed making changes to our Bongo Cat. Now it is time to add it to your stream.

Open OBS and click on the ‘+’ sign below Sources to add a new source.

Select Window Capture from the menu that opens up.

Step 6 – Give Your Cat A Name

On the next pop-up window, give a name to your source.

Step 7 – Select Bongo Cat As Your Window

The next window will show you a preview of the screen capture. In case you don’t see Bongo Cat in the preview, you can select it by choosing from the drop-down menu in the Window section.

Make some additional changes if you want to. After you are done, click on OK.

You will see that the Bongo Cat is visible in your OBS screen as an overlay. You can resize and move the window as per your liking. The key binds, and mouse tracking will work properly.

Note: Before we move on, you should remember one thing. DO NOT MINIMIZE BONGO CAT.EXE. As soon as you do that, the capture of the app on your OBS screen will freeze, and it won’t track your mouse and keyboard movements.

This is what the final output will look like.

Now, if you want to have a transparent background, you can add a Chroma Key filter to your window capture. You can customize your Bongo Cat, the keyboard, and the mouse and choose pictures according to your liking. There are a lot of guides on the internet that teach you how to do so.

How to Set Up Bongo Cat as a Widget

If you want a reactive Bongo Cat that celebrates certain events like a new donation or a subscription, you need to add it as a widget in OBS.

First, download the Bongo Cat widget from Streamlabs App Store. It is free for all Twitch Prime users.

Now, you can add this widget in two different ways. You can either add it by picking a preset from the initial page. Or you can create your own widget and add it from the editor.

Select a Preset

Adding your own widget

If you want to edit this widget, go to the Sources section located in the Editor tab. Right-click on Bongo Cat and click on Edit from the menu. This will take you to the Edit screen.

From there, you can edit or disable any of the states.

If you want to make changes to the images, hover your cursor over the image of the state that you want to change.

Click on Change Image. This will open up a gallery of images containing variations of the Bongo Cat. If you want, you can add a custom image of yours.

By clicking on Disable located next to each state, you can ignore that event in your stream. The state will be visible on your Edit window but won’t show on the stream.

You can remove a specific state after you press the Edit button located next to each state. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to remove the four initial key combination states that are present by default. You can only disable them.

All the states, like new follower alerts or new donation alerts, are present on the Edit window. If you want to create a new event, select the state in which you want to add the event, click on Edit and then click on Add Event.

Wrapping Up

This is everything you need to know about how to add the Bongo Cat to Streamlabs OBS. It is one of the cutest widgets available on the internet, and a lot of people love it. There are two ways of adding Bongo Cat to your stream – capturing an external app or adding and editing your widget.

The first one is completely free and allows you to change the key binds and background color easily. However, it freezes when it is minimized. The widget is free for Twitch Prime users from Streamlabs App Store, and it allows you to do a lot of customizations for each event. So, choose any one of them according to your liking.

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