Memes are an integral part of the Internet and our culture in general. You can hardly go on the Internet without seeing a meme in some form or another. This extends even to Discord, a platform that is among the best modes of communication for gamers, members, classmates, and many more.

Memes are so prevalent that there are even bots dedicated to showing you different kinds of memes, depending on what you want. One of those bots is Dank Memer, a funny bot that is jam-packed with funny memes to keep you and your friends laughing for days!

We’re going to tell you all about Dank Memer Bot, some of the best commands, as well as how to set it up. This is one of the best Discord bots and we highly recommend you check it out!

How To Add Dank Memer Bot To Discord

Adding bots to your Discord server is extremely simple, and it’s the same case for Dank Memer Bot. The whole process takes less than a few minutes and you can start the memes as soon as possible!

  1. Go to the official Dank Memer Bot site
  2. Click on the large Invite button in the middle of the screen
  1. Select your server and click on Continue
  1. Leave all of the boxes checked and click on Authorize
  1. From here, you have to complete a simple captcha and the bot will instantly be added to your server

Dank Memer Bot Commands

Dank Memer has hundreds of fantastic commands that are very funny and creative. It can fetch images of various things and even make memes with your profile pictures! There are so many things to do with this awesome bot and you will see everything once you start using it! Keep in mind that the prefix for Dank Memer Bot is pls, which you have to type before every command, otherwise, they won’t work.

Configuration Commands

These commands are dedicated to changing some internal settings in Dank Memer Bot, from fetching information to editing prefixes to user settings and much more.

  • pls audit <page number> – displays users that have made changes to your server configuration
  • pls automeme [webnook URL] [interval in minutes] – makes the bot automatically post a meme every X minutes
  • pls autonsfw [webnook URL] [type] [interval in minutes] – makes the bot automatically post NSFW content every X minutes
  • pls autoresponse [autoresponse phrase] – toggles the use of auto-responses on the server
  • pls disable [command | all] [#channel | role] – disables certain commands from being used
  • pls enable – used to counter the previous command, enabling disabled commands
  • pls losslog <page number> – tells you how coins were removed from your inventory
  • pls prefix <prefix you want> – determines the prefix used for Dank Memer Bot
  • pls premiumserver [add | remove] – sets the chosen guild as a premium server and vice versa
  • pls serverconf [option] – displays the server settings
  • pls settings [option] – displays user settings for the server

Animal Commands

These commands are all about fetching images of cute animals from the Internet and sending them into the channel the bot is currently in. It’s great when you just want something nice to look at.

  • pls animals – displays images of multiple animals from Reddit
  • pls aww – displays random cute images
  • pls ducc – displays images of ducks
  • pls ferret – displays images of ferrets
  • pls foxxy displays images of foxes
  • pls goosey – displays images of geese
  • pls huutyboi – displays images of owls
  • pls hoppyboi – displays images of rabbits
  • pls kitty – displays images of cats
  • pls lizzyboi – displays images of lizards
  • pls upper – displays images of dogs
  • pls redpanda – displays images of red pandas
  • pls snek – displays images of snakes

Currency Commands

Moving on, we have some commands that have to do with the currency of the bot. The currency is a custom way of paying for random things the bot provides, and you can obtain it by issuing commands that fetch you coins in one way or the other. It’s always nice to have some interesting minigames to play while you have nothing else to do!

  • pls balance [@user] – displays the balance of a user
  • pls bankrob <@user> – rob someone’s currency reserves
  • pls beg – begs for a random amount of coins
  • pls blackjack <number> – starts a blackjack game with the bot
  • pls buy <item> [quantity]/[“max”] – purchases items from the shop
  • pls daily – gives you your daily coins
  • pls deposit <number> – deposits your currency into your bank/pocket
  • pls dig – digs to look for coins in the ground
  • pls fish – starts a fishing game
  • pls gamble <number> – starts a gambling game with the bot
  • pls gift <amount> <item> <@user> – gifts items/coins to a chosen user
  • pls highlow – starts a game of high/low with the bot
  • pls hunt – starts a hunting game
  • pls inventory [@user] – displays the contents of a chosen user
  • pls itemlb – displays the user in the server with the highest amount of a specific item
  • pls lootbox – purchases a lootbox
  • pls lottery – gives you a lottery ticket for the lottery that happens every hour
  • pls monthly – gives you your monthly coins
  • pls multiplier [@user] – displays your current bot coin multiplier
  • pls pet [list/pat/hug/play/wash/name/train/disown] – interacts with your pet if you have one, or buys a chosen pet for you if you do not have one
  • pls postmemes – posts random memes
  • pls prestige – resets your coin bank and has you start from the beginning, but with a higher multiplier
  • pls profile [@user /-rob/-gamble/-badges/-gift/share/cooldowns/-commands/-help] – displays the currency profile of a chosen user
  • pls redeem – redeems donor rewards
  • pls remove <item> – removes an equipped item
  • pls rich – displays the wealthiest users on the server
  • pls search – searches a location for bonus coins
  • pls sell <item> [quantity] – sells a chosen item in the shop
  • pls share <@user> [quantity] – shares a specific amount of coins with another user
  • pls shop [item] – displays the currency store
  • pls slots <bet, table> – starts a slot machine game
  • pls snakeeyes <bet> – tests your luck in getting snake eyes with the dice
  • pls steal <@user> – steals coins from someone’s bank/pocket
  • pls use <item> – uses a currency item
  • pls weekly – gives you your weekly coins
  • pls withdraw <quantity> – takes coins out of your bank
  • pls work [work/resign/list/view] – starts a work game

Fun Commands

These commands are just relaxed fun. They are games, predictions, jokes, cool images, and so much more. These commands are the most commonly used ones that the bot has, so you should check them out!

  • pls 8ball <question> – asks the magic 8ball a question
  • pls clap <phrase the bot says> – makes the bot say something sassy
  • pls dankrate – rates you and tells you how “dank” you are
  • pls deletethis – gives you random “delete this” memes
  • pls doot <phrase the bot says> – makes the bot say something accompanied with doots
  • pls emojify <phrase the bot says> – makes the bot say something with emojis
  • pls epicgamerrate – rates you and tells you how much of a gamer you are
  • pls foodporn – gives you images of good food
  • pls gif – gives you random GIFs
  • pls google – finds answers to questions on Google
  • pls greentext <phrase the bot says> – makes the bot say something in the form of greentext
  • pls hack – “hacks” your enemies
  • pls imagine <phrase to imagine> -imagines a phrase
  • pls kill <@user> – kills a user
  • pls leetify <phrase to leetify> – makes the bot say something l33t
  • pls lenny – just gives you a Lenny
  • pls mock <phrase to mock> – makes the bot mock something
  • pls owo – gives you an owo phrase
  • pls partyfrog <phrase the bot says> – makes the bot say something as a party frog
  • pls waifu – tells you how good of a waifu you are
  • pls roast <@user> – roasts a chosen user
  • pls say <phrase the bot says> – makes the bot say anything
  • pls showerthoughts – gives you a showerthought
  • pls simprate – tells you how much of a simp you are
  • pls spoiler <phrase the bot says> – makes the bot say something as a spoiler
  • pls uselessweb – gives you a random site from UselessWeb
  • pls vaporware <phrase the bot says> – makes the bot say something with vapor

Game Commands

There aren’t many of these commands, but the games you can play are quick and interesting!

  • pls fight [user] – starts a fight to the death with another user
  • pls gamelb [tic tac toe/guess/trivia/fight] – displays the best gamers on your server
  • pls guess [number] – starts a guessing game
  • pls tictactoe [user] – starts a game of tic tac toe
  • pls trivia – starts a game of trivia

Meme Commands

These commands are just related to memes and are quite funny and fun to use!

  • pls 4chan – gives you a post from 4chan
  • pls antiantijoke – gives you an anti-anti joke
  • pls anitjoke – gives you an anti-joke
  • pls blacktwitter – gives you a post from r/BlackPeopleTwitter
  • pls chucknorris – gives you a fact about Chuck Norris
  • pls comics – gives you some comics
  • pls create – allows you to make a meme
  • pls discord meme – gives you a Discord meme
  • pls facepalm – gives you an embarrassing image
  • pls joke – gives you a simple joke
  • pls meirl – shows you a post from r/meirl
  • pls meme – gives you trending memes
  • pls memeeconomy – gives you the best upcoming memes
  • pls prequel – gives you some prequel memes
  • pls pun – gives you a pun
  • pls sequel – gives you some sequel memes
  • pls surreal – gives you surreal memes
  • pls tifu – shows you a post from r/tifu
  • pls wholesome – gives you some wholesome memes

Utility Commands

These are just miscellaneous commands you might need from time to time.

  • pls choose <term 1, term 2, etc.> – makes the bot choose something from multiple terms
  • pls color <hex or RGB> – shows you RGB and hex colors
  • pls editsnipe – displays the image that was last edited on the channel
  • pls gimmeboost – enables perks if you use if you boosted Dank Memer
  • pls help [category/command] – shows all of the available commands
  • pls invite – makes the bot invite you to a support server
  • pls link – links Dank Memer’s Patreon to your Discord account
  • pls mod poop – calls out one of the mods
  • pls notifications [view] – displays your notifications
  • pls partners – displays partner servers
  • pls premium – gives you the donation channels for Dank memer
  • pls removemydata – flushes your data from the server
  • pls rules – displays the bot’s rules
  • pls selfharm – gives you support lines for suicidal thoughts and self-harm
  • pls serverinfo – displays the info of the server
  • pls snipe [channel] – displays the message that was last deleted in a channel
  • pls stats – displays the stats of Dank Memer
  • pls supportinfo – engages support staff to help with Dank Memer
  • pls taxcalc <quantity> – calculates taxes
  • pls userinfo <@user> – displays the information of a user
  • pls vote – gives you the voting links for Dank Memer
  • pls website – gives you Dank Memer’s website
  • pls whatshard <server ID> – tells you what shard your server is in

How To Remove Dank Memer Bot From Discord

Any Discord bot can be removed from your server in a matter of seconds since they are treated as members of the channel. Here’s how to do that:

Right-click on Dank Memer Bot in the member section of your server and click on Kick Dank Memer

And that’s literally it! Kicking the bot will just remove it from the server but it can be added again. However, if, for some reason, you want to permanently remove the bot and bar it from being added again, just click on Ban Dank Memer instead.

Why Is Dank Memer Bot Not Working?

If you notice that the commands for Dank Memer are not working, first make sure that you’re using the prefix properly. If everything seems in order, you should go to this site and it will tell you the status of the bot. If you see that it is down, then it’s most likely undergoing some maintenance and should be up again in a few hours. Overall, it’s usually not a big deal when it crashes!

Wrapping Up

That would be all when it comes to setting up Dank Memer Bot on your Discord server! As you can see, Dank Memer is one of the most comprehensive bots out there, complete with mini-games, memes, events, and so much more. If you’re a memer and want to add some more character to your Discord server, look no further!

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