Discord is a fantastic platform when you want to talk to your friends. It’s jam-packed with functionality and features that are very useful and simple, so the overall user experience is quite pleasant.

However, you’re probably not going to always be talking to your friends while you’re on a channel. Sometimes you might want to listen to some music while you chat for some extra ambiance and pleasure. This is where music bots come in.

There are many different music bots on Discord, each of which fulfills their roles wonderfully, but not all are created equal. Jockie Music Bot is an amazing bot that takes your music to the next level and makes it much easier to start listening to music on your server.

We’re going to tell you everything about Jockie Music Bot as well as all of the commands you could need for it!

How To Add Jockie Music Bot To Discord

Jockie Music Bot is meant to be a pleasant companion for your server, and that is probably going to be one of the first things you notice once you go to its site to add it to your server. The process is the same for every Discord bot, but we’ll go over it again in case this is your first time.

  1. Go to the official Jockie Music site
  2. Click on any of the Invite buttons once the page loads
  1. This will take you to a new window. Select your server and click on Continue
  1. There are no special permissions you have to approve of at this point, so you can just click on Authorize
  1. From here, all you have to do is complete the captcha and Jockie Music Bot will be instantly added to your server, no restarting required

That’s all there is to it! The process is quite similar to adding any bot, so you can rest easy if this is the first time you’re adding a bot to your server. Since you should now have Jockie Music Bot in your server, you can go ahead and start using it. If you need more info, read on!

Jockie Music Bot Commands

At this point, we’re going to list all of the possible commands you might need to use Jockie Music Bot most efficiently. The prefix that has to go in front of each command is m! so make sure you use it otherwise it will not work. We’re also not going to be placing the prefix in front of every command here so everything is clearer.

Playback Commands

The playback commands are the backbone of Jockie Music Bot and you’re going to be using these the most compared to others.

  • autoplay toggle – toggles autoplay on/off
  • play <song name/URL> – plays a selected track in the channel the bot is in
  • playrecent – creates a playlist of your recently-played tracks
  • radio – plays tracks from a radio station
  • resume session – resumes a session that was previously playing
  • join – moves the bot to the channel you’re in
  • leave – moves the bot out of the channel it is in
  • channel search <Youtube channel> – finds a Youtube channel and plays all of the videos on it
  • playlist search <term> – finds a playlist from Youtube and plays it
  • search – searches for a track
  • insert <track> – adds a new track in front of the one that is playing at the moment
  • playleave <track> – makes the bot leave the channel after the selected track ends
  • playselect <URL> – adds s track to the queue from a URL

Track Commands

Now we move on to some commands that manipulate the state of tracks that are playing in the channel. Most people don’t use these commands too often since it’s much better to listen to songs in one go, but they’re still useful for niche situations.

  • backward – rewinds the current track
  • end time – defines the time when the track will end
  • forward – winds the current track forward
  • pause – pauses the current track
  • resume – resumes the current track
  • start time – defines the start point of the track that is currently playing
  • volume – defines the volume of the current track
  • wind to – winds the track to a specific time

Queue Commands

The queue is a very important aspect of Jockie Music Bot and these commands will help you manage the queue so tracks go in a specific order and you can switch between tracks if you want.

  • reverse – puts the current queue into reverse
  • shuffle – shuffles the queue
  • sort – sorts the queue
  • mass move – allows you to move multiple tracks in the current queue
  • move – moves a single track in the current queue
  • swap – swaps the positions of two tracks in the current queue
  • reorder – changes the order of the current queue
  • next – skips the track currently playing in the queue
  • previous – starts the track before the one that’s currently in the queue
  • skip – skips the current track in the queue
  • skip to – skips the queue to the track you want
  • restart – restarts the current queue
  • repeat current – repeats the track that is currently playing
  • repeat disable – cancels any repeats issued by the previous command

Information Commands

Bot info commands are very nice when you want to know which track is playing, what the queue looks like, statistics, and much more.

  • next up – displays the next track in the queue
  • now playing – displays the track that is currently playing
  • queue – displays the queue
  • queue information – displays more information about the queue
  • recently played – displays recently played tracks (up to one hundred)
  • requested – displays all of the requested tracks
  • save – saves a song to your private messages
  • session information – displays stats for the current session
  • timestamps – displays timestamps for the track that is currently playing
  • upcoming – displays the tracks that are supposed to play from the queue
  • video info – displays information about the video of the track currently playing
  • album info – displays information about a specific artist
  • lyrics – displays the lyrics of a song
  • searchlyrics – plays a track according to the lyrics you type in
  • song info – displays information about a song you search for
  • top songs – displays the top songs in the queue

Bot Settings Commands

And the final set of commands we have for Jockie Music Bot is in regards to its settings so you can tweak how the tracks play and perform other functions.

  • settings – displays the settings for the current session
  • settings reset – resets all settings
  • set max track length – defines the maximum length of time a track can go for
  • set max track length – defines the minimum length of time a track can go for
  • set vote skip – toggles vote skipping on/off
  • set vote skip percentage – defines the percentage of votes required for a track to be skipped
  • set max playlist length – defines how long a playlist can last
  • set max playlist track – defines the maximum number of tracks in a single playlist
  • set max user tracks – defines how many tracks a single user can queue
  • set max user tracks length – defines how long a user’s queue can be
  • set stage announce – sets the stage channel topics to feature the currently playing track
  • set stage announce template – changes the template for the topic of the stage channel
  • set text announce – toggles text announcements on/off
  • set text announce auto delete – toggles text announcement deletion based on relevance
  • set text announce extended – defines how much information is shown in text announcements
  • set voice announce – toggles voice announcements on/off
  • set default autoplay – defines the value of the default autoplay
  • set default repeat queue – defines the value of the default repeat queue
  • set default select random – defines the value of random track selection

How To Remove Jockie Music Bot From Discord

Since the process of removing a bot from your Discord server is the same for all bots, you can expect the process to be the same for Jockie Music Bot as well. All you have to do is find Jockie Music Bot in the members section of your server, right-click it, then select Kick Joskie Music. If you want to permanently remove the bot and prevent it from being added to the server again, simply select Ban Jockie Music.

Why Is Jockie Music Bot Not Working?

This bot is very popular and is subject to a lot of downloads at any given time, so if it’s not working on your server, it is most likely an internal bot issue such as maintenance, updates, or bug fixes that is preventing you from using it. If you really need to know when the bot will be available, just check in on this site to find out! In most cases, the bots aren’t gone for longer than a few hours, so there’s no cause for worry.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, all of the information you could ever want about Jockie Music! This bot is one of the best on Discord simply because it does its job so well and it will never leave you wanting for music. We sincerely hope that your questions have been answered and that you can use Jockie Music to vastly improve your server!

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