Bots are awesome additions to Discord servers because they vastly decrease the stress of managing the server while also bringing some interesting features with them to make your server more fun! Some bots are dedicated to music, others to games, while some are reserved for management roles, like Koya Bot.

However, you have a wide array of bots to choose from, and today, we’re going to be talking about one of the best trading card bots around – Karuta Bot. Karuta Bot enables your server to have a great anime trading card game where everyone can participate and snag some cards.

We’re going to tell you all about Karuta Bot and what it can bring to your server, as well as some of the best commands you need for it to function efficiently.

How To Add Karuta Bot To Discord

Adding any bot to your Discord server is very simple and doesn’t take more than a few minutes because the entire Discord platform is extremely well-optimized to be able to add new features on the go. Here’s how to add Karuta Bot to Discord:

  1. Go to this site
  2. Click on Invite Karuta to your server
  1. Select the server you want the bot to go to and click on Continue
  1. Select all of the permissions you want to give to Karuta Bot and click on Authorize

From there, you will be taken to a single-button captcha and you have to press after which the bot will be added to your server. Simply restart Discord and you’ll be able to use it with no issues!

Karuta Bot Commands

Karuta Bot has a ton of different commands you can use to have it interact with the members of your server as well as yourself. We’re going to go through all of the commands so you can have everything in one place, ready to use at a moment’s notice. The basic prefix that you have to add before each command you type in the chat is k!. If you do not use this prefix for each command, it will not work.

Setup Commands

These are just some general setup commands that give Karuta Bot certain parameters for monitoring each chat.

  • k!set – enables card drops in the channel that Karuta Bot is currently in
  • k!prefix – defines the prefix used before each command if you don’t want to use the original (k!)
  • k!chestset – sets the gem goal for the chest on your server
  • k!antisnipe – defines a grace period before Karuta Bot interacts with card reactions on the server

Basic Commands

As the name implies, basic commands are there to help Karuta Bot to organize card drops and other functions for the community to participate as well.

  • k!vote – allows Karuta to vote to use tickets in the ticket shop
  • k!daily – gives you your daily reward
  • k!drop – starts a card drop in the channel Karuta Bot is in. Players can interact with the cards to call dibs and fight over them
  • k!burn – destroys a card/dye to collect its resources
  • k!multiburn – same as the previous one but for multiple cards/dyes
  • k!gems – allows you to purchase gems from Karuta’s site

Collection Commands

Collection commands manage everything about your collection or even those of other users. You can manage the appearance of cards, as well as the tags associated with them.

  • k!collection [user] [filters] – shows the card collection of a user
  • k!view [code] – shows you the details of a specific card
  • k!taglist [user] – shows you the tags of a user
  • k!tagcreate <tag name> <emoji> – creates a new tag
  • k!tagdelete <tag name> – deletes a tag
  • k!tag <tag name> [card code] – applies a tag to a card
  • k!untag [card code] – removes the tag from a card
  • k!use <item code> – uses an item
  • k!dyes [user] – shows you the dye collection of a user
  • k!dye <card code> <dye code> – applies a dye to a card
  • k!dyerefill <dye code> [amount] – refills dye charges
  • k!spreadsheet [user] – converts the collection of a user to an Excel sheet
  • k!inventory [user] – shows you the inventory of a user
  • k!bits [user] – shows you the number of bits in a user’s inventory

Information Commands

This group of commands is used when you want to look up information within the server and the members of the server. You can use them to fetch info on a variety of topics, so these are quite useful if you’re new to Karuta Bot.

  • k!timers [user] – shows you the drop timers for a user
  • k!reminders [action] – turns reminders for an action on/off
  • k!lookup [character name] – shows you the information of a character from one of the cards
  • k!cardinfo [card code] – shows you the information of a specific card
  • k!userinfo [user] – shows you the information of a user
  • k!serverinfo [server ID] – shows you the information of a server
  • k!nodeinfo <node> – shows you the information of a specific node
  • k!workerinfo [card code] – shows you the worker stats of a card

Wishlist Commands

Some players might express a need for a specific card that they aren’t managing to add to their collection, so they turn to the wishlist, which manages all of the cards you’re looking for and alerts you about them when they’re available in a drop.

  • k!wishlist [user] – shows you the wishlist of a user
  • k!wishadd <character name> – adds a character to your wishlist
  • k!wishremove <character name> – removes a character from your wishlist
  • k!wishwatch – scans the current drop channel for any cards on your wishlist
  • k!wishupgrade – adds a slot to your maximum wishlisted cards

Economy Commands

Economy commands are related to everything regarding the item shop and help you to quickly manage your cards and purchase new ones, or even sell some on the market for gems and other currencies.

  • k!itemshop – opens the standard item shop
  • k!gemshop – opens the gem shop
  • k!ticketshop – opens the ticket shop
  • k!frameshop – opens the frame shop
  • k!buy <item code> -completes a purchase from any shop, depending on the item code
  • k!black-market – shows you items in the Black Market
  • k!bid – places a bid on an item from the Black Market
  • k!chestview – shows you more information about the server chest
  • k!chestgive – deposits gems into the server chest

Trade Commands

Trading is another huge part of Karuta Bot since the community is very social and will most likely interact with you to give you unwanted cards in a pleasant trade deal.

  • k!give <user> <card code> – gives someone else a card of your choosing
  • k!trade <user> <your card code> <their card code> – starts a trade with another user
  • k!multitrade <user> – trades multiple items with a user

Job Commands

Jobs are a bit more complicated to explain than other aspects of Karuta Bot, but the lowdown is that you can assign jobs to your cards so they periodically earn bits for you to spend in the shops.

  • k!jobboard [user] – shows you the job board of a user
  • k!jobworker <job slot> <card code> – gives a specific card from your collection a job
  • k!jobnode <job slot> <node> – gives a job a node
  • k! nodes – shows you the information about all the nodes
  • k!work – makes all of your workers go to work

Clan Commands

Clans are a nice way of increasing your chances of getting the cards you want. The point of clans is that you can establish an economy for the members of your clan to maintain.

  • k!clanview [user] – shows you the clan information of a user
  • k!clanswear [user] – swears loyalty to a user
  • k!clanbreak [user] – stops sworn loyalty to a user
  • k!nodeattack <node> <power> – attacks a node
  • k!nodedefend <node> <power> – defends a node
  • k!nodetax <node> <tax percentage> – applies a tax rate to a node
  • k!claimtax – claims all of the collected taxes from controlled nodes

Other Commands

These commands are just your miscellaneous actions that Karuta Bot can do to make things a bit easier.

  • k!invite – invites Karuta Bot to your server
  • k!support – invites you to join Karuta’s official server
  • k!help – displays a list of possible commands

How To Remove Karuta Bot From Your Discord Server

All you have to do to remove Karuta Bot from your server is to right-click on it in the member list in your server, then simply click on Kick Karuta. This will just remove the bot from your server, but other members can still re-add Karuta to the server. If you want to permanently remove the bot and stop anyone else from adding it again, click on Ban Karuta.

Why Is Karuta Bot Not Working?

Karuta Bot doesn’t have any common issues that plague it across all communities, so we do not have any fixes to talk about, but you should know that if the bot doesn’t work at any time, you can simply go to this link to see its status. If the status says it’s offline, you’re just going to have to wait until it’s fixed and back up.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about Karuta Bot! This is one of the best Discord bots because it’s very complex and has a ton of features for everyone to enjoy. Collecting cards is something we all loved to do as kids, and this bot recreates the feeling perfectly. We sincerely hope that you have found this useful and that all of your questions have been answered!

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